Translation of electrical storm in Spanish:

electrical storm

tormenta eléctrica, n.


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    tormenta eléctrica feminine
    • In short, this could manifest itself into tornadoes, hurricanes and electrical storms.
    • While rainstorms were not new to the community, the addition of electrical storms was considered unusual to Sachs Harbour residents.
    • In 1953 Stanley Miller, a University of Chicago graduate student, found that by simulating the conditions of a primordial electrical storm, he could generate alanine and leucine in racemic form.
    • Easter in New Zealand started with electrical storms and tornados.
    • Conditions were variable, to say the least - on one day, 40-knot winds brought rain and electrical storms, and a sandstorm lasted all day.
    • Titch and his team had to endure days of freezing snowstorms, avalanches and electrical storms on the trip to a remote part of China.
    • His comeback was interrupted by the humid conditions in Kuala Lumpur which sparked an electrical storm.
    • I'm deathly afraid of heavy-duty electrical storms with lightning bolts jumping around all over the place.
    • For the last three nights, spectacular electrical storms have drifted over the city, threatening a downpour that finally arrived with a vengeance last night.
    • They stop the sudden electrical storms that move like summer rain with bright and quick lightning.
    • As Joe reached for the mare's lead rope the electrical storm let rip with one almighty crack of thunder, right overhead.
    • Dozens of lightning bolts lit the night sky as an electrical storm swept the region.
    • Last week there was a horrendous electric storm, probably the most spectacular storm I have ever seen in Pattaya.
    • Impulse noise can be the result of electrical storms, ignition noise, electromechanical switching equipment, and noisy power sources, to name a few.