Traducción de electrically en español:


eléctricamente, adv.

Pronunciación /əˈlɛktrəkli/ /ɪˈlɛktrɪkli/


  • 1

    con electricidad
    it's electrically operated funciona eléctricamente / con electricidad
    • electrically charged clouds nubes cargadas de electricidad
    • electrically charged particles partículas cargadas de electricidad
    • Most New York buildings have their water pumped electrically from roof tanks.
    • The cave is lighted electrically, powered by a diesel generator at the entrance.
    • The pages are covered by electronic ink the tiny particles of which may move when charged electrically.
    • Equipment is suspended from an electrically powered overhead rail.
    • Electrically adjustable windshields tilt to direct the wind or to channel the rain.
    • The company's electrically conductive adhesive can bond electrical components that could be damaged by a hot solder.
    • In a first step, we searched through various substances able to electrically insulate the electrodes.
    • The aim is to design a package the size of a mobile phone that will run on batteries, and to electrically stimulate the patient's own muscles.
    • This position is also electrically controlled, so the engines kept running.
    • The electrically conductive end cap is electrically and mechanically connected to a conductive, circular spring.