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electrocardiógrafo, n.

Pronunciación /əˌlɛktroʊˈkɑrdiəɡræf/ /ɪˌlɛktrəʊˈkɑːdɪəɡrɑːf/

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    electrocardiógrafo masculino
    • Your heartbeat is monitored throughout the procedure using an electrocardiograph machine.
    • One brother, now a retired consultant physician, told me that when he started medical school electrocardiographs of this size were still in use.
    • The electrocardiograph was among the earliest useful medical electronic instruments, having been coupled to an amplifier about 75 years ago.
    • Information about its function comes from other investigations, the earliest and most widely used of which is the electrocardiograph, which records the electrical activity of the heart.
    • One of the most important tests is the electrocardiograph.
    • But the press secretary said medical tests, including X-rays, an electrocardiograph and blood tests, found a slightly elevated cholesterol count and gallstones.
    • A second electrocardiograph was attached and an intravenous cannula inserted, and I was given some diamorphine.
    • An electrocardiograph and a chest radiograph should also be obtained.
    • Our design of the sensor, in fact, handles this through two of the additional ECG channels that the targeted electrocardiographs provide.
    • One treatment room in each pod includes an electrocardiograph, minor surgical equipment, respiratory treatment equipment, and a fully equipped crash cart for emergencies.
    • Patients with signs of aortic stenosis on physical examination should undergo testing, including chest x-ray, electrocardiograph and echocardiograph.
    • The company's product line includes units for performing electrocardiographs, stress testing, vital sign monitoring, and patient record management.
    • Most of the interference related to disturbance of the signal on monitors, such as electrocardiographs, confirmed by data from the United States.
    • They include storage of electrocardiographs for subsequent review.
    • An equal number of medical stations were set up in an adjacent ‘green zone,’ equipped with nebulisers and pulse oximeters and electrocardiograph machines.
    • Mean QRS axis values were automatically calculated by the electrocardiograph.
    • The electrocardiograph showed ST segment elevation in the anterior leads.
    • Data from an onboard electrocardiograph machine will also be sent to hospitals.
    • However, a patient activated electrocardiograph showed ventricular tachycardia during a symptomatic spell.
    • When a suspected heart attack victim arrives at the emergency department an electrocardiograph is carried out to confirm the condition.