Translation of electronic mail in Spanish:

electronic mail

correo electrónico, n.


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    correo electrónico masculine
    • It handles incoming and outgoing electronic mail messages, Web pages and file downloads.
    • Further, if the given electronic mail message is determined to be junk mail, the e-mail systems of other trusted users in the group dispose of unviewed copies of the junk e-mail.
    • The invention concerns an improved electronic mail system, wherein incoming mail is automatically sorted into mailboxes, based on criteria defined by the user.
    • Then, the transfer data are not stored into the portable telephone terminal but stored directly into a memory of the electronic mail terminal.
    • Many people exchanged electronic mail and instant messages with no difficulties.
    • E-mail is not just electronic mail sent via the internet.
    • The Internet uses simple mail transfer protocol to transmit electronic mail and most business transactions.
    • Thank you for your electronic mail message concerning your travel experience.
    • As was her everyday custom, she turned on her computer and looked over her electronic mail account for letters.
    • In the course of your work, you will have to communicate via electronic mail.
    • Any two Unix machines could exchange point-to-point electronic mail over ordinary phone lines; this capability was built into the system, not an optional extra.
    • Users should avoid practices that easily lead to security hazards; in particular they should not start up arbitrary executable attachments received via electronic mail.
    • Many conversations can take place online via electronic mail so that participants don't have to all be present at once, and archives can permit following previous discussions.
    • I test these hypotheses using data from an electronic mail survey of a random sample of students at a large university in the United States.
    • To better ensure the confidentiality of all electronic mail addresses, I sent each survey individually to an electronic mail address rather than using one group list with all 275 addresses.
    • Increasingly, it appears that to master spam and reclaim electronic mail as a trusted communications medium, the entire e-mail system must be rethought.