Translation of electrotherapy in Spanish:


electroterapia, n.

Pronunciation /əˌlɛktroʊˈθɛrəpi/ /ɪˌlɛktrə(ʊ)ˈθɛrəpi/

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nounplural electrotherapies

  • 1

    electroterapia feminine
    • There are two types of electrotherapy - transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and neuromuscular electrical stimulation.
    • Physiotherapy involves a range of treatments, including manipulation, massage, exercise, electrotherapy and hydrotherapy.
    • We have a sad history of enforced treatment of people who've committed crimes but now treatments like electrotherapy, electric shock treatment, and psychosurgery are very strictly regulated.
    • Later on, modalities were used such as electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, laser therapy, magneto therapy, electrical stimulation of hypotrophic muscles, hydro-kinesitherapy, and kinesitherapy.
    • Compliance with daily electrotherapy treatment was confirmed by patient reports at subsequent visits and as independently reported by a visiting nurse.
    • The researchers concluded that direct current electrotherapy is an effective, painless, and safe outpatient treatment approach to all grades of internal and mixed hemorrhoid disease.
    • Adherence was likely improved by the flexible treatment schedule; patients could perform electrotherapy at any time of day.
    • A standard technique for measuring the effect of electrotherapy on ischemic wounds has provided good reproducibility.
    • Subjects of both groups were told they may or may not feel the tingle of electrotherapy.
    • Physiotherapy manual techniques, strengthening exercises, stretches, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, taping, posture correction and advice may then help optimise recovery.
    • The purring of a cat is at the frequency commonly used in electrotherapy to assist in pain relief and healing.
    • They were the first to use electrotherapy to cure pain, and also have an understanding of what happened.
    • You already received some electrotherapy for that.
    • She was put on electrotherapy and analgesics and improved sufficiently to compete in the games.
    • The Clinic was a terrible place where a group of misguided scientists attempted to use electrotherapy to ‘rehabilitate’ Rob.