Translation of elegant in Spanish:


elegante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɛləɡənt/ /ˈɛlɪɡ(ə)nt/

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    (person/clothes) elegante
    you're looking very elegant estás muy elegante
    • The Queen then entered with a show of magical lights in her most elegant gown.
    • Dressing herself in one graceful movement, she wore a long black dress that looked more elegant then casual.
    • For her age of sixty she looked very elegant in it.
    • With dazzling, spring sunshine streaming into the dining area the venue looked very elegant.
    • My mother stood there in her most elegant dress and my father in a suit.
    • Ashley was wearing a very nice simple yet elegant blue dress with expensive matching shoes.
    • Deanna thought Michelle looked great in the casual, yet elegant dress.
    • The layered, textured style is as elegant as the setting.
    • My dress was made of the same satin material, but in a much less elegant style.
    • Readers will find here the same elegant, deceptively simple prose that garnered so much praise for her short stories.
    • She has long dark black hair that makes her look quite elegant.
    • He was a very elegant man, as anyone looking at him could tell.
    • Firstly, in spite of its supremely elegant coupe styling this is a real four-seater.
    • In 2004 Renee again donned the classic look with a simple but elegant gown.
    • Robbie whispered in my ear after he surveyed me in my elegant white gown.
    • Her blonde hair was twisted in an elegant bun with a silver diamanté clip.
    • Vivian's black hair was wound into an elegant bun and decorated with gold ribbons.
    • Oh my god, I don't have anything elegant to wear!
    • The natural woods and imported files make the room feel elegant.
    • Elegant decorative styles and intricately detailed patterns of curving lines characterise Art Nouveau.