Translation of elemental in Spanish:


de la naturaleza, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɛləˈmɛn(t)l/ /ˌɛlɪˈmɛnt(ə)l/

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  • 1

    (violent, primitive)
    (forces) de la naturaleza
    (feelings/fears) primario
    • There were no tears in her eyes, but the oceans of pure blue held every ounce of her sadness like a bucket of ice melting and overflowing with a powerful sweep of elemental passion.
    • From the mid-1880s he began to use violent colour and linear distortions to express the most elemental emotions of fear, love, and hatred.
    • After a few readings, you can understand that her reality has a deep human presence, elemental sorrow, and ecstasy.
    • For me it had little to do with killing a fox, though that must have been part of the elemental excitement and fear I felt, and that everyone seemed to share.
    • There might be a third reason, namely, that this reticent, withdrawn man felt wary of immersing himself for too long in the elemental passions of the ordinary West Indian.
    • If only we could believe America truly took the lesson of 9/11 - elemental disgust at war and the things of war.
    • And so, for Freud, ‘society’ is a mutual pact for the repression of elemental lust.
    • I'm not sure about the origins of the elemental satisfaction I derive sunk down in the cushions of my chair.
    • Learning to manage the planet's resources, while keeping out of the way of its elemental fury is even more difficult.
    • But the most profound, and the hardest to convey, is the sense of elemental wonder it can inspire.
    • A man comes out with a camera to catch this display of raw, elemental hatred.
    • Moreover, both moments of elemental happiness are undercut by sharp turns toward alienation and fear.
    • Though it is the painful season of Christ's agony and death, it belongs in Chaucer to the elemental happiness rising from the resurrecting earth.
    • His interest is solely in the elemental feelings of this simple girl.
    • People who chase the elemental thrills of raw sea creatures probably know the feeling.
    • As he points out in the catalogue, the elemental feelings about life and death evoked in these paintings of solitary stags convey a mood of religious awe.
    • Of course, the central component was, and remains, one of raw, elemental interest.
    • The more unvarnished and elemental the emotion, the more likely we glib sophisticates will roll our eyes: oh, please.
    • McManus' character is defined by a relentless and elemental instinct to compete, but nothing brings out the raw desire in him like International Rules football.
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    • Other elements occur naturally in a pure or elemental form, like sulphur or gold.
    • The most hydrophobic and fungitoxic compound unexpectedly proved to be elemental sulphur.
    • Declining American reserves of elemental sulphur could open up export possibilities.
    • We keep finding new and bigger sources, but we think that levels of elemental mercury in the atmosphere are not increasing.
    • I had a graduate student who used to like to pan for gold and a couple of times he brought some of his pannings in to show me: Big droplets of elemental mercury.
    • They irradiated these glasses for five minutes with intense synchrotron radiation, which triggered the photochemical reduction of the gold ions to elemental gold.
    • For example, hydrogen is always found as a molecule in its elemental form (pure hydrogen).
    • The oxidation number of an atom in an elemental substance is zero.
    • The start of fluorine chemistry can be traced back to the isolation of elemental fluorine, FCF 2, by Henri Moissan in 1886.
    • Both men helped to systematize chemistry, to define the law of definite proportions and the underlying atomic and elemental principles.
    • Qualitative elemental analysis methods comprise both instrumental and chemical or ‘wet’ techniques.
    • Newer techniques such as inductively coupled plasma spectrometry have taken over many aspects of elemental analysis.
    • The empirical formula can be obtained from the elemental analysis of a substance.
    • Forensic science was a hot topic at the ACS National Meeting in San Diego, and elemental analysis was a recurring theme.
    • Boyle's demand for experimental analysis as the arbiter of elemental status is a central component of this change.
    • The identity of the synthesized compound was tested by elemental analysis.
    • Furthermore, elemental microbeam analysis indicated that the growth of maize in heavy metal soils was, at least in part, due to the selective immobilization of metals within the root tissues that contain the fungal cells.
    • So visual differentiation of the individual species in many specimens is tentative and can be verified only with some type of elemental analysis.
    • Cytosolic activities roughly corresponded with elemental analysis of combined dry matter fractions from whole plants.
    • A qualitative elemental analysis was undertaken across the polished section so that common elements could be identified.
    • The findings of the elemental analysis are expressed as percentages of the dry matter.
    • Electron microscopes are usually equipped with an analytical system that also allows for simultaneous elemental analysis of the sample's surface.
    • X-ray spectrometers are attached routinely to scanning electron microscopes and these provide elemental analyses of samples in the SEM and are a powerful means for pigment identification.
    • Simply stated, one cannot have more minerals in equilibrium than there are components (in this case, the four elemental oxides).
    • This task is complicated by the multitude of chemical compounds in the interstellar medium and the elemental line spectra in the originating star light.
    • To encompass all oxidation-reduction reactions, it is necessary to determine the gain and loss of electrons for covalent as well as ionic and elemental species.
    • In addition to ambient pollutant levels, elemental concentrations within moss tissue may be influenced by the nature of the sample.
    • Recognition of these elemental associations and their environments of formation is the basis for geochemical exploration.
    • These are capable of identifying materials at the molecular, rather than elemental, level and can be applied to paint binding media as well as to pigments.