Translation of elevenses in Spanish:


medias nueves, n.

Pronunciation /əˈlɛvənzəz/ /ɪˈlɛv(ə)nzɪz/


  • 1

    tentempié de media mañana
    medias nueves feminine Colombia
    almuerzo masculine Spain, Mexico
    • At eleven, a short woman carrying elevenses to the children interrupted classes, a meal consisting of a glass of milk and a shortbread biscuit.
    • I thought I could see the dents on her forearms where she rested them on a table while addressing lunch dinner and elevenses.
    • A nice fix at breakfast, one for elevenses, and another one at teatime, it was like breaks at the cricket, or something.
    • Let's skip elevenses, have an early lunch, and perhaps it'll be bright enough and dry enough for you later on.
    • Then after checking my work messages (none that needed my urgent attention) I went up to see Roger in Crouch End for elevenses and a then spot of lunch.
    • The delicate balance between the lively sweet caramel and the bland supporting wafer is a perfect combination for elevenses or 4pm Darjeeling.
    • The journey in was a breeze, all the crates that left the old offices turned up safely at the new one, there were free Danish pastries for elevenses and the air conditioning system functioned adequately enough.
    • While the children contentedly play with a wooden railway, I look at my tight schedule and notice that I am supposed to eat a slice of Victoria sponge cake for elevenses.
    • But now not many people have elevenses, or a formal pause at any other time in the working day, skipping lunch and grabbing a snack when they can.
    • A heated verbal exchange between a Fianna Fail councillor and a Fine Gael rival spilled into the council tearoom at elevenses last week.
    • Cut down on all those extras: for elevenses - no biscuits or chocolate bars; fruit if you're hungry.
    • Nevertheless, at elevenses, I did hear someone request a large gin instead of a coffee - then I realised it was me.
    • I am a simple man with simple tastes - toast is adequate for elevenses.
    • While we still enjoy a Kit Kat for elevenses, more of us are opting for something more sophisticated after hours.
    • Her mother had been down at the shops and snapped up half a dozen buns for elevenses.
    • After elevenses in the Portaferry Hotel we made the short ferry crossing across the reputedly perilous waters of Strangford Lough at the Narrows, beside open sea.
    • I was informed ‘The children are stopping for elevenses.’
    • He always has an elevenses of seed cake and Madeira, and his favourite restaurant is Sweetings in the City.
    • In the private confines of my own salon at home, this does not produce a problem, but at the office with the usual loo under the stairs, and the staff all queuing up after elevenses, it becomes very embarrassing.