Traducción de elfin en español:


menudo y delicado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɛlfən/ /ˈɛlfɪn/


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    menudo y delicado
    • Vanessa sits cross-legged on her bed in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, a tiny, elfin figure with a striking, delicate face that looks as if it has been gently chiselled from creamy alabaster.
    • In another one of Random Acts's monologues, a petite, elfin woman in a peach sweater squares herself off at the confessor's table, and begins to talk with a slight southern lilt.
    • The tiny, elfin figure that is Canada's most lauded novelist is sipping cappuccino from a china cup in an opulent hotel lounge.
    • ‘I was beautiful before,’ she says, touching a pretty, elfin face miraculously unscathed by the blaze that engulfed her body last summer.
    • ‘It has a nice vibe’ I say to her as we walk to the house, her smile broadening, her long brown hair framing her pale, elfin face.
    • She is lovely, jet black long hair, elfin face, pale white skin and a great figure.
    • After the signing, at the pub next door, I sat next to a dark, vaguely elfin gentleman named Colin Greenland who seemed to know a lot about the field and who, when I mentioned that I had written a handful of stories, asked to see them.
    • Mostly they're cartoons of fairies that share Bobbie's slim elfin face, cupid's bow lips and wide-set, almond-shaped eyes.
    • Dark shading created sharp cheekbones of elfin faces, softer blending produced squashier, round ones.
    • One of them was tall, with a dark power surrounding him like an aura with long, raven hair pulled back from an angelic, elfin face.
    • She was beautiful in an unconventional way, triangular elfin face with big, expressive eyes and a lithe body.
    • Her curling red hair stilled itself around her shoulders, framing her pale, elfin face.
    • She had a tiny elfin face, and huge green eyes with flecks of brown.
    • The introduction - oddly named as it contains many major spoilers - is a welcome chance to hear the effervescent, elfin man discuss his themes and modifications to Gorky's work.
    • It was a sharp contrast between the two champions: the tall, handsome, adult human male and the much shorter, cute, little elfin girl.
    • Saddle Creek's that Omaha-centric label run by that elfin fellow with the bright eyes.
    • Behind me, the door had burst open, and another tall and handsome elfin boy, of about the same age was standing in the doorway, gaping at me.
    • The dress wasn't low cut, but in truth she didn't have a lot of cleavage to reveal, her figure being quite elfin.
    • If only she had more to do than play the pixie: we get awfully familiar with the tilted-down, shot-from-above disposition of her elfin face because not much else goes on with her.
    • In the end, the tale of an elfin waitress who spreads happiness among her unwitting friends and neighbours grossed £90m.