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provocar, v.

Pronunciación /iˈlɪsət/ /ɪˈlɪsɪt/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (laughter/smile) provocar
    to elicit sth (from sb) obtener algo (de algn)
    • They say they are interested in eliciting strong reactions to their work but, as people, the deepest emotion they seem willing to display is this kind of bland amusement.
    • If some students disagree with an incorrect answer, elicit the correct response.
    • Prolonged question and answer sessions will eventually elicit the response the teacher is looking for.
    • Translation into local languages of report and draft Constitution to elicit public responses.
    • According to analysts, any bit of good news in this climate elicits an exaggerated reaction in an oversold market that's coming off a slew of negative pre-announcements.
    • That question's been asked time and time again, and it elicits no valid answer.
    • Other innovations are eliciting such reactions.
    • Pressing him on whether women seriously held the upper hand in government and society, she never quite elicited a satisfying answer.
    • You would imagine that a call to the Department of the Taoiseach would elicit answers to those relatively easy questions.
    • The study was widely reported in newspapers and elicited some unsurprising reactions.
    • He tried gesturing towards the door but that elicited no useful reaction from the creature.
    • In fact, neither of these statements elicited a positive response and Wilson quickly moved on.
    • In other words, such a question is not meant to elicit an answer.
    • His name isn't going to elicit a positive reaction - it hasn't for over a year now.
    • This is a work-in-progress meant to elicit reaction and address problems in the transport industry.
    • It's time to start worrying when exhibitions elicit no reaction at all.
    • Next, the points were stimulated with an ear probe to elicit a positive reaction.
    • I put the emphasis on that last word just right so to elicit some reaction from him.
    • which are more likely to elicit a positive response than direct statements of fact.
    • We need to stop worrying about what others think of us and make pictures that elicit a gut reaction.