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Pronunciación /ˌɛlədʒəˈbɪlədi/ /ˌɛlɪdʒɪˈbɪlɪti/

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  • 1

    (right, qualification)
    the rules governing eligibility for benefits el reglamento que establece los requisitos necesarios para tener derecho a las prestaciones
    • they challenged his eligibility to stand for election cuestionaron si reunía los requisitos para presentarse a las elecciones
    • In the past, employees had to earn less than $250 a week to receive automatic overtime pay eligibility.
    • In the short-term, medical card eligibility should be extended to all those under 18, the party says.
    • Even though you probably won't fill out your financial aid application until early 2003, you can take steps now to improve your eligibility.
    • But the snag came when the company tried to limit eligibility to people in certain cities, informing them of their bonus via snail mail.
    • Presently the taxpayer must cope with dizzying, varied sets of eligibility rules for each benefit.
    • The employer may choose to use less restrictive eligibility requirements in order to allow more employees to participate in the plan.
    • Life insurance companies routinely request medical records, with the patient's consent, to assess risk and eligibility.
    • This design would ensure that the health status and benefit eligibility of both groups were comparable at baseline.
    • Once an application for Section 4 support is received, the applicant is considered for eligibility.
    • Families who were referred to the study were contacted by telephone and screened for initial eligibility.
  • 2

    (suitability for job, rank)
    idoneidad femenino
  • 3

    derecho a recibir un pase adelantado (in US football)