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elite, n.

Pronunciación /əˈlit/ /eɪˈlit/ /eɪˈliːt/ /ɪˈliːt/

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    elite femenino
    élite femenino
    • In fact, Murray comments that societal elites were less likely to be religious.
    • It is a model strictly for people who are into hierarchical societies with bossy elites who like to display their power.
    • Town life also presented new challenges of economic and social organization to urban elites.
    • This was replaced from the 17th to 19th centuries by the noble and educated elites.
    • One should bear in mind that the media and intellectual elites generally have their particular agendas.
    • Political parties tend to follow ethnic lines and draw their leaders from educated elites.
    • Highly sophisticated elites are the easiest and least original thing a society can produce.
    • They reflect the values of the elites, and not their larger working class constituency.
    • One should bear in mind that the media and the intellectual elites generally have their particular agendas.
    • Blinding hatred and contempt seem to be common reactions among the enlightened elites.
    • The traditional elites were relegated into the background several decades ago.
    • There is a growing tendency to conflate the interests of the governing elites with those of the nation.
    • But we view our own political elites, fighting against them, with more than a hint of suspicion.
    • While the regime worked with the elites, it proved helpless when the people took to the streets.
    • The elites in those countries look at us and marvel at what we show is possible, even if they do think we have had it easy.
    • As he put it himself on the weekend, he will have finally defeated the elites.
    • He says the action is in the cities, where urban elites are the future of the country.
    • Yet the poor, especially, need the power of democracy to defend themselves against corrupt elites.
    • For Serbian elites it is the international community that must not be let down, rather than the electorate.
    • You all look so good when you cluster in little groups forming elite social circles.


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    (group/team) selecto
    (group/team) de elite
    (group/team) de élite