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isabelino, adj.

Pronunciación /əˌlɪzəˈbiθ(ə)n/ /ɪˌlɪzəˈbiːθ(ə)n/

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    • Marlowe and Shakespeare dominated late Elizabethan drama, although they did not monopolize it.
    • He imagined the characters of Julius Caesar wearing Elizabethan dress, and equipped ancient Rome with a medieval invention - the mechanical clock.
    • It is repeatedly referred to in Elizabethan drama, and influenced the policy of Thomas Cromwell, Cecil, and Leicester.
    • The actors in Julius Caesar wear a mixture of Elizabethan dress with ancient Roman embellishments added, as was more or less the way it was done in Shakespeare's day.
    • It's not a disaster, but I can't imagine it having much appeal to anyone besides fans of Elizabethan drama.
    • Despite the rather amusing sight of ladies in Elizabethan dress asking us to turn off our mobiles, I heard at least three during the course of the evening.
    • My stricture does not include Shakespeare and Elizabethan drama of course.
    • Pupils from Old Palace school dressed up in Elizabethan costume to welcome visitors to the historic building.
    • Individual dressing rooms were not a feature of Elizabethan playhouses, so actors were to dress in whatever open space they could find.
    • In the ‘factional’ model of Elizabethan politics he has been seen as the rival of Burghley.
    • After that, I'd written Tudor England, which led me to consider Elizabethan politics in far greater depth than I'd done before.
    • Schemes for North American plantations also developed during Elizabethan times.
    • These days the field has broadened to include the niceties of life at Elizabethan court or Georgian cricketers in frills and breeches who invent the rules as they go along.
    • Indeed, Elizabethan remedies against private fraud continued to operate through the first third of the eighteenth century.
    • Such sententiousness was much to Elizabethan taste.
    • In other respects, however, the Union was far from being the unqualified blessing which Elizabethan apologists implied.
    • Today, the Great Hall has regained its dignity and is home to Elizabethan banquets, weddings and other special events.
    • These books together give a comprehensive picture of Elizabethan sea power.
    • Kirby was again attired in the Elizabethan costume from dress rehearsal.
    • Late Renaissance and Elizabethan writers also found Vergil a good source of inspiration.