Traducción de eloquent en español:


elocuente, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɛləkwənt/

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  • 1

    (speaker/speech) elocuente
    • His life and writings have given eloquent testimony that one may be both a man of science and a man of God.
    • The arguments from both sides were eloquent and persuasive, and for some time it seemed that the verdict could go either way.
    • The member who spoke before me gave us a very interesting and eloquent speech.
    • His writing is superbly articulate and eloquent, the essence of literary beauty.
    • For all the eloquent speeches that Blair has made, the reform agenda can hardly be said to have gathered pace.
    • It was an eloquent speech that went unheard, except for the few of us present that day.
    • Barbara Stewart gave an eloquent speech on the problems of child poverty.
    • She was softly eloquent, speech slow and hesitant in picking out the perfect words.
    • Pictures adorn many walls and words from many of his eloquent and inspirational speeches stare out from others.
    • She was eloquent, vocal and strong when she championed the cause of her students and her teacher colleagues.
    • It is not merely that she is eloquent and articulate; she is also unusually shrewd and intelligent.
    • Their three books together make a powerful and eloquent case for the abolition of the death penalty.
    • An eloquent powerful style portrays his sincerity to that which he believes in.
    • The Mennonite Church in Canada expresses such concern in eloquent, thoughtful terms.
    • His eloquent, amusing, yet sad and sensitive writing raises many timely and important issues.
    • She is intelligent, eloquent, attractive, modest, and a strong advocate for her positions.
    • People would listen to them only because of their eloquent expressions.
    • Her novels are generally escapist romances eloquent in their expression of the desires and anxieties of gender and race.
    • This book is an eloquent contribution to the debate on the effects of a large group of chemicals and on the regulation of chemicals generally.
    • The material is clearly presented and written in a lucid and eloquent manner.
  • 2

    (proof/look) elocuente
    • The testimonies of the young boys are quite eloquent of the systematic abuse spread over several years.