Translation of else in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ɛls/


  • 1

    all else todo lo demás
    • was there anybody else there? ¿estaba alguien más?
    • anybody else would have just paid and left cualquier otra persona habría pagado y se habría ido
    • I never drink anything else nunca bebo otra cosa
    • I can't think of anything else no se me ocurre nada más
    • will there be anything else, madam? ¿algo más / alguna otra cosa, señora?
    • anywhere else would be a comedown after Paris cualquier otro lugar sería un bajón tremendo después de París
    • is there anywhere else you might have left it? ¿podrías haberlo dejado en otro sitio?
    • why can't you be like everybody else? ¿por qué no puedes ser como los demás / como todo el mundo?
    • everybody else knew the answer todos los demás sabían la respuesta
    • everything else todo lo demás
    • I've looked everywhere else he buscado en todos los demás sitios / en todas partes menos aquí/allí
    • there's little else or not much else we can do no podemos hacer mucho más
    • nobody else or no one else nadie más
    • I have nothing else to say no tengo nada más que decir
    • they do nothing else besides watch television no hacen más que ver la televisión
    • they have nowhere else to go no tienen ningún otro sitio / lugar adonde ir
    • somebody / someone else otro persona
    • something else otra cosa
    • let's go somewhere else vamos a otro sitio / lugar / lado
    • whoever else you invite, you mustn't forget Susan invites a quien invites, no te vayas a olvidar de Susan
    • Well what else can we do when a lot of good farming land continues to be covered up by houses.
    • Is there anything else we can do to tell people that their cars must be moved?
    • Still, when he got out of the car he said if I needed anything else just to phone.
    • Well, what else do you expect for the start and end of the working week, plus the days in-between?
    • At this time I had to go and sort out other stuff, so I didn't see if anything else went wrong.
    • Still, if it wasn't for the weather what else would the British have to talk about.
    • Does anyone know what else we can expect between now and the beginning of April?
    • It seems to me that there's really no point to anything else without that basic guarantee.
    • Never disliked him, but I felt he was as much the product of hype as anything else.
    • What else is he hoping for from a relationship other than the occasional letter?
    • Although that probably has more to do with the way I interpret film than anything else.
    • Surely the judge can order the confiscation of his money and anything else he possesses.
    • The Church will have to regain its doctrinal health once again before anything else.
    • As they converse politely, a waiter glides up and asks if they'd like anything else.
    • As for the main entrance, it is fit for a municipal swimming pool, and little else.
    • He was at his desk at seven o'clock every morning, no matter where he was or what else was going on.
    • The effect, say health board chiefs, is that they have no money left for anything else.
    • Nietzsche, whom I read more as a poet than as anything else, also had it in for the academy.
    • I suppose that extra half hour was as much from audience reaction time as anything else.
    • They would like to speak to the owner of the car and anyone else who has suffered from similar crimes.
  • 2

    (with interrog)
    what else did he say? ¿qué más dijo?
    • what else can you expect from her? ¿qué otra cosa se puede esperar de ella?
    • when else could you come? ¿qué otro día/a qué otra hora podrías venir?
    • who else knows? ¿quién más lo sabe?
    • who else but a mother would have done it? ¿quién sino una madre lo habría hecho?
    • why else do you think he lent you the money? ¿por qué otro motivo / por qué si no te crees que te prestó el dinero?