Translation of elsewhere in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌɛlsˈ(h)wɛr/ /ɛlsˈwɛː/ /ˈɛlswɛː/


  • 1

    to go/look elsewhere ir a/mirar en otro sitio / lugar
    • elsewhere in the book en otra parte del libro
    • elsewhere in Europe en otras partes / otros lugares de Europa
    • sorry, my mind was elsewhere perdone, estaba distraído / no estaba prestando atención
    • So perhaps the thing to do is to look elsewhere and simply expand the squad.
    • We ended up having to go elsewhere and really didn't enjoy the evening at all.
    • It was stated that civilians were used elsewhere and why should he be any different.
    • He, more than anyone, appreciated the irony of what was going on elsewhere last week.
    • It should not be an option for us simply to abandon the region for the next year or two, and holiday elsewhere.
    • Nobody seems to have any intention of leaving Goma, or trying to rebuild the town elsewhere.
    • The only tragedy is that this sort of joined up thinking is sadly lacking elsewhere in the UK.
    • Going by these observations, there is very little the web does that has not been done elsewhere.
    • Forced to dine elsewhere it is expected that many will be placed under financial pressure to pay up.
    • If someone makes a decision to buy elsewhere the ability to produce disappears.
    • He said that builders could not afford to waste time queuing in traffic jams and began to go elsewhere.
    • Traders fear the move will drive people away and force them to shop elsewhere.
    • Two other bikes were stored elsewhere and he also runs a repair service and sells accessories.
    • As our pay falls, staff are voting with their feet and going to work elsewhere.
    • He said a letter sent out by the trust suggested he left because he had been offered a better deal elsewhere.
    • That is a land speed you are unlikely ever to experience elsewhere, unless you have a go at drag racing.
    • It all seems like a colossal waste of time and money which could be well spent elsewhere in the beef sector.
    • Traders fear customers are shopping elsewhere because of a deluge of fast food outlets.
    • However Mr Buckley argued that birds could be injured elsewhere and end up in Basildon.
    • We have seen a huge increase in the number of infections locally, as mirrored elsewhere.