Translation of elude in Spanish:


eludir, v.

Pronunciation /iˈlud/ /ɪˈl(j)uːd/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (enemy/journalists/creditors) (avoid) eludir
    (enemy/journalists/creditors) (escape from) escaparse de
    success eluded him el éxito le era esquivo
    • it eludes me / it eludes my comprehension how they get away with it no acierto a comprender cómo logran salirse con la suya
    • the title eludes me for the moment en este momento no puedo recordar el título
    • his style eludes categorization su estilo escapa a toda clasificación
    • Obviously the first conception can breed bureaucrats who are adept at figuring out ways to elude the law (it also explains Italian drivers).
    • These were the exact feelings of Joseph Smith who quickly eluded his pursuers.
    • The quarry twisted, turned and doubled back at speed in an attempt to elude its pursuer.
    • It is Meredith who unwittingly brings Tom Ripley crashing to earth when it seems that he has eluded danger and gotten away without punishment for his dark deeds.
    • To do that, the man who survived the wrath of the Chancellor must now elude the pitfalls set by the students of Edinburgh, and his own eloquent pen.
    • Following him as he assumes Greenleaf's personality and attempts to elude his pursuers after the murder is a riveting yet slightly chilly exercise.
    • The most important thing to do now was to second guess their pursuers and elude capture.
    • Even if he did manage to elude all of the security systems, finding Jordan would be like looking for a particularly small needle in an unusually large haystack.
    • Afghan members of AQT may be familiar with the countless unmapped paths that enabled the anti-Soviet guerrillas to elude their enemies.
    • In early runs of the game, Riper was asked to play the enemy and attempt to elude the U.S. planners.
    • The gang have managed to elude pursuit by the garda helicopter by escaping through the roads around Dublin Airport where there is a no-fly zone, a Garda source said.
    • Miraculously, the group of 15 Indians managed to elude the dragnet that was forming and escaped with the aid of local residents.
    • These fey are also particularly good at eluding their enemies, making them extremely difficult to find.
    • He looked up the slope behind him, certain to have eluded his enemy, not having left a single track in the snow.
    • Physical strength is useless without not only a purpose, but also agility and lightening speed in order to elude enemies.
    • Most of the party's leading members who have so far managed to elude arrest are either in hiding in Nepal or have escaped to neighboring India.
    • For the next ten days, sometimes literally slipping through the fingers of the army that pursued him, Cortez eluded his captors.
    • Drug mules, long agreed by all as the real carriers of weapons of mass destruction, routinely elude the army, security guards and high-tech scanners.
    • White-skinned and English-speaking, she manages to elude the fate of other illegal arrivals to our shores.
    • Padilla should not be exempt from detention simply because he managed to elude capture and make his way to this country.
    • He, however, managed to elude them, as he was a master of disguise, and almost everywhere he went he had supporters who hid him.