Traducción de elusive en español:


escurridizo, adj.

Pronunciación /iˈlusɪv/ /ɪˈluːsɪv/

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  • 1

    (enemy/prey) escurridizo
    (enemy/prey) difícil de aprehender
    • Pre-baiting an area that looks good is often the answer to catching one of these elusive carp.
    • He was injured last season, so we had to wait over a year before this elusive 100th was achieved!
    • He would then retreat, hoping to catch the elusive man in their new round.
    • All the evidence suggests that this is one of the key times to catch an elusive 40 pounder.
    • Vogue tried to cement what it had, even locating an elusive Leon Smet!
    • Selling is in our American blood, and the ability to do it well is elusive and admired.
    • It's about the people who come to America in search of that elusive thing, the American dream.
    • As Cherwell's editorial bemoans of our current situation, a solution is elusive.
    • Birdwatchers from all over the country have descended on a nature reserve in Cheshire in search of a rare and elusive bird.
    • There is even a personal shopping service, providing further help in tracking down that elusive pair of shoes.
    • But persuading the elusive birds to quit their historic lodgings has proved to be quite a headache.
    • Taylor is still searching for that elusive first tour win but is not setting herself any future goals and targets in the sport.
    • Women walk miles on the blazing sands in search of an elusive pot of water.
    • Bringing horses of that calibre to Scotland remains the elusive dream.
    • Reedie had been praying for that first elusive gold to come from Simon Lessing in today's men's triathlon.
    • With off-road vehicles and guns, this is a boy's day out, and all in pursuit of that elusive plump little bird.
    • Naturally, that persistent little squirrel is still driving himself nuts in pursuit of an elusive acorn.
    • So this formula, this test, to see whether or not you're compatible has been elusive so far.
    • The song became an instant hit and proved to be the group's entry into the elusive U.S. market.
    • That run should have sharpened her up sufficiently to get those elusive winning brackets.
  • 2

    (personality/person) esquivo
  • 3

    (goal/agreement) difícil de alcanzar
  • 4

    (memory) fugaz