Traducción de email en español:


correo electrónico, n.

Pronunciación /ˈimeɪl/ /ˈiːmeɪl/


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    correo electrónico masculino
    email masculino
    to be on/have email tener correo electrónico
    • Now most work is accomplished via Internet meetings, video teleconferences, e-mail, and other electronic media.
    • While a majority of aerospace companies have traditional IT systems, e-mail and a Web site, only a few have begun to address the issues associated with adopting Web-enabled ebusiness.
    • Traut said though this is not the way the phones where designed to be used, sending pictures via e-mail is cheaper.
    • The system would be tied together by phone, e-mail, and Internet messaging.
    • The service allows you to send and receive information to and from any number of mobile phones from e-mail systems, internet web pages, intranet web pages and databases.
    • Known as SoBig.F, the new variant behaves much like its older siblings, infecting Windows machines via e-mail and sending out dozens of copies of itself.
    • It highlights how to detect intrusions and how to secure file systems, e-mail, web servers and other key applications.
    • How about sending sensitive documents over e-mail without encryption?
    • Inside, the rooms feature an on-command TV system with e-mail and internet access.
    • The only catch here is you are sending the means to access your system via e-mail during that one hour period.
    • The topic of sending attachments by e-mail is not one that is discussed as much as it probably should be.
    • The Washington University mission control centre will monitor the flight and weather and regularly communicate with Fossett via e-mail and satellite phone.
    • Increasingly, it appears that to master spam and reclaim electronic mail as a trusted communications medium, the entire e-mail system must be rethought.
    • There are two strands of idealism that present an obstacle to fixing our broken internet email system, and this is one of them.
    • A custom-built solar system will charge all their electronic communications, including internet, e-mail and satellite telephone services.
    • Communications are now immediate through e-mail, phone and video applications.
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    correo electrónico masculino
    email masculino
    emilio masculino coloquial
    • A user downloads e-mail messages from a server to the client device.
    • In Sept. of 2000, the ratio of viruses to e-mail messages in the United States was one virus per every 1,400 e-mails.
    • Enclosures work like attachments to e-mail messages.
    • I don't read email very often.
    • Some people were even using a second application to read email.
    • I wanted to check my email on my computer at home.
    • After a week without checking my email, text messaging, or hearing the ringtone of my phone, I am beginning to settle into a steady state of calm.
    • I was deleting e-mail from my phone.
    • Do not waste time deleting email messages individually; that can take all day.
    • It's silly that a guy who consumes a terabyte of data a month gets the same service for the same price as someone who just wants to read email and surf the web.

verbo transitivo

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    (message) enviar por correo electrónico
    (message) emailear coloquial
    I'll email it to you te lo mandaré por correo electrónico
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    I'll email him right away le mandaré un correo electrónico enseguida