Translation of emancipated in Spanish:


emancipado, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪˈmænsəˌpeɪdəd/ /ɪˈmansɪpeɪtɪd/


  • 1 formal

    to become emancipated emanciparse
    • Of course, not everyone is tripping along in a state of emancipated bliss.
    • Etruscan art reveals an aristocratic society in which women enjoyed an emancipated style of life.
    • By this time writing had been truly emancipated from the state.
    • They also magnified the fall in sugar production from the emancipated work force in British colonies.
    • Finally the arts are now emancipated from the stifling cloak of puritanical hypocrisy.
    • The last slave was reportedly emancipated by the EPLF in the late 1970s.
    • A supposedly emancipated market is emasculated by a torrent of trade-distorting subsidies.
    • Emancipated at last from family expectations, he was free to pursue his own interests.
    • These images are contrasted to the modern-looking, emancipated Danish women.
    • Without the True Name, no one is emancipated.
    • We should not feel provincial, lower class, but must be emancipated with our own voice.
    • The mountains remained mostly unoccupied until the slaves were emancipated in 1838.
    • Rebels, as I have come to realise, are never quite emancipated from the people against whom they rebel.
    • One family counselor suggested that Sophie be emancipated from her family at 16 years of age.
    • Aboriginal people were emancipated in the 1960s.
    • However, this duty ends if the minor gets married or becomes emancipated.
    • Basically, it is an African American art form, and it grew up after the slaves were emancipated.
    • Florina describes herself as a traditional emancipated Romani woman.
    • Nearly 25 % of emancipated youth become homeless 2-4 years after leaving foster care.
    • Like emancipated concubines, prisoners of war were enlisted to rationalize the conflict as a civilizing mission.
  • 2

    (liberated, enlightened)
    (woman/husband) emancipado
    (woman/husband) liberado
    (viewpoint/lifestyle) independiente y progresista