Translation of emancipation in Spanish:


emancipación, n.

Pronunciation /əˌmænsəˈpeɪʃ(ə)n/ /ɪˌmansɪˈpeɪʃ(ə)n/

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    emancipación feminine
    emancipation from sth emancipación de algo
    female emancipation, the emancipation of women la emancipación femenina / de la mujer
    • The old ideas, in the old organisations, represented quite the opposite of social emancipation.
    • In the person of our heroine we are presented with a plea for emancipation.
    • To the proletariat the imperial suffrage has been a mighty weapon in its battle for emancipation.
    • Big Maggie heralds a new emancipation in Irish society.
    • Religion is meant for the emancipation of living beings.
    • Marx pointed out that political emancipation was a different thing from universal human emancipation.
    • He wanted to push for rights for his people and ultimately called for Catholic emancipation.
    • One could even say the story implies that emancipation is not properly a woman's pursuit or destiny.
    • It is certain that for him, emancipation is no part of a reform program of the church for society.
    • He was really fighting for national emancipation.
    • It is a question of cooperating with the oppressed and supporting their emancipation.
    • They also offer joyous, kidlike emancipation from the lonely work of conditioning.
    • This state of emancipation is a state beyond mind and matter, where both sensation and perception cease.
    • Perhaps the bicycle's most important legacy is its effect upon some women's emancipation.
    • Actually the majority of the essay regards the question of women's emancipation.
    • At a different scale, we may invoke female emancipation to explain the declining populations of Europe.
    • In their emancipation lies the wellbeing of the world.
    • Emancipation enormously raised the stature of the Union cause internationally.
    • It has not yet raised the inspiring banner of working class emancipation.
    • Learning how to serve had begun to yield to women's changing aspirations and increasing economic emancipation.