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terraplén, n.

Pronunciación /əmˈbæŋkmənt/ /ɪmˈbaŋkm(ə)nt/ /ɛmˈbaŋkm(ə)nt/

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    (for road, railroad)
    terraplén masculino
    • Once the vehicle's momentum had carried it towards the embankment alongside the railway tracks there would have been no way it could have been halted in time.
    • This species tends to colonise waste ground and railway embankments.
    • The footpath is to allow disabled access from the bottom of Crofters Lea down the old railway embankment to Milner's Road.
    • Another man was killed this time last year when the truck he was driving veered off the road and down the railway embankment on to the tracks.
    • Firstly, it is evident that considerable improvements have been carried out along the railway embankment.
    • The engineers of Spt Coy needed the pile driver to hammer four-metre sheet piles into the ground to stabilise embankments for road construction.
    • Railway workers spray kilos of the stuff on railways and embankments.
    • He told the council last Tuesday that speed restrictions have already been put on trains as they go over the embankment close the village railway station.
    • Police said a Land Rover that had careered down an embankment onto the railway line had set off the accident.
    • The bridge structure is close to completion with only the embankments and access roads on both ends still to be finished over the next six months.
    • The erosion in Ketahun district in North Bengkulu regency had already damaged parts of the highway, and road embankments built on five-meter-high cliffs had collapsed due to the continuous pounding of waves early this year.
    • Despite this I was pleased to see that Armitt is emphasising the need to repair bridges, viaducts, embankments and signal boxes rather than glamorous projects like the West Coast Route Modernisation.
    • Boggy bits slowed us for the first half mile, then we hit the pastures down by the river, connected with the embankment of the disused railway line and picked up speed.
    • Chaos hit the M60 around Manchester today after a tanker careered off a slip road and down an embankment, killing the driver.
    • The fossils had been collected in the early 1840s in pits dug to provide material for the embankments to carry Brunel's Great Western Railway from London to Bristol.
    • It slid off the road and down an embankment on to the East Coast main line.
    • An engineered embankment and access roads stretch its footprint to 1,100 acres.
    • It was agreed with the contractor of the Deeside road that all embankments should be completed by November 1796 and that no metal should be laid on the roadway ‘until March 1797’.
    • Where capital was readily available, as on most European main lines, civil engineering could defy topography, and span great valleys on embankments and viaducts, and drive tunnels through mountain ridges.
    • The landscape is tremendous; flat, featureless fields, slight rolling hills, narrow roads with large embankments blocking the view.
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    (as protection)
    muro de contención masculino
    • There are 140,000 addresses in Hull relying on walls and embankments to prevent flooding every day of the year.
    • Flood walls and embankments protect large areas of lower Bootham, Clifton Green and Leeman Road, as well as North Street on the opposite bank of the river from the Guildhall.
    • It said the flood walls and embankments being proposed would vary in height between one and 1.8 metres and protect most of the village, including the A166, against a one in 100-year flooding event.
    • If your home was inundated in the floods of November 2000, or came within inches of disaster, you may just have wondered whether existing flood walls and embankments should be strengthened or new ones built.
    • The approved scheme, which should start in May and continue until the end of 2003, will contain the Derwent within flood walls and embankments varying in height between 1.4m and 1.7m.
    • The document proposes strengthening and raising flood embankments alongside the River Ouse, which protect homes in the Leeman Road area, but which were almost overwhelmed in 2000.
    • But Environment Agency chiefs said that level should be inches below the top of the city's flood walls and embankments, which protect hundreds of homes in the city.
    • A planning application for Malton and Norton's flood defences, which will consist of embankments and flood walls, will be submitted this week.
    • In Malton and Norton, defences will be a mix of reinforced concrete retaining walls, earth embankments and steel sheet piling to run parallel with the river.
    • Heavily swollen with monsoon rains in mid-July, the river breached its earth embankments swamping large areas of the district within half an hour.
    • The proposed new scheme will include a combination of sheet piling walls, reinforced concrete walls and earth embankments.
    • The agency has drawn together flood prevention options ranging from improving upland management techniques, and the blocking of moorland drainage channels, to the construction of embankments or walls as local flood defences.
    • The work will involve the construction of maximum strength earth embankments and masonry walls along the Derwent, as well as the installation of floodgates, penstocks and flood valves.
    • The city's Bureau of Public Works prepared about 140,000 sandbags and distributed them to emergency rescue teams in each city district and to areas with unfinished river embankments.
    • The channel gouged out for the river is about 20 feet deep and flanked by high concrete walls or earth embankments.
    • According to the RSPB, the River Earn is cut off from its natural flood plain by earth embankments protecting agricultural land.
    • Malton, Norton and Old Malton - some of the towns worst hit by flooding - will receive £6.3m for a programme involving building embankments and walls along the River Derwent.
    • The Environment Agency wants to spend £4.5m raising floodwalls and embankments to keep flood waters in the River Ouse channel and to allow for predicted rises in sea levels.
    • The epilogue calls the 1999 floods ‘the inevitable consequence of neglecting the channel and embankments of the main river’.
    • A huge Flood Action Plan, for instance, called for ever-higher embankments to keep the rivers at bay.