Translation of embarrassed in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əmˈbɛrəst/ /ɪmˈbarəst/ /ɛmˈbarəst/


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    to be embarrassed about -ing
    to be embarrassed to + inf
    an embarrassed silence un silencio violento / embarazoso
    • he gave an embarrassed cough soltó una tosecilla nerviosa
    • I'm embarrassed me da vergüenza
    • It was used only by his closest friends who knew that whenever he was embarrassed or nervous, he would blush deeply and get a red nose.
    • After an embarrassed silence, he added: ‘Granted, we didn't make much of a song and dance about that at the time.’
    • Are they going to maintain an embarrassed silence?
    • According to our source, there was silence and a few embarrassed glances.
    • The majority of victims are embarrassed, even ashamed.
    • He was embarrassed and even ashamed of his indiscretion, but then he realized that there was no way he could have been heard above the roar of the boisterous crowd.
    • I was embarrassed and felt awkward and unwanted.
    • I was strong on the outside, but inside I was embarrassed, ashamed, and weeping.
    • Alex was no prude, but he became acutely embarrassed by the situation.
    • He was embarrassed to be here, and ashamed of his greed, he just hid it better than me.
    • There were very severe financial problems during that period and she became embarrassed that she could not afford to pay for school dinners and trips.
    • He's embarrassed to be receiving public assistance.
    • Maybe she was embarrassed and humiliated, but she didn't show it - she dealt with the situation with quiet calm, as if she'd been through it a hundred times before.
    • I'm embarrassed and humiliated to think that I actually live in a place where this sort of thing seems to be acceptable, and where some will invoke race to excuse it.
    • She was very embarrassed and extremely upset by this.
    • The Ministry of Transportation suspended my license and I was extremely embarrassed and humiliated.
    • Now he has wed in secret again and, to judge by newspaper reports, his parents are embarrassed and nonplussed.
    • He backed up and I knew he was embarrassed for that public display of affection so once again I came to his rescue.
    • We don't complain because we are embarrassed, bewildered and shocked, too ashamed to do or say anything.
    • We are all embarrassed and ashamed by the actions of a very small number of leaders and a very small number of soldiers.