Translation of embassy in Spanish:


embajada, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛmbəsi/

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nounplural embassies

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    embajada feminine
    • There are about 1,530 business establishments in Makati, including 53 embassies and consular offices, enough to keep the city's bomb squad on their toes night and day.
    • A larger demonstration is due to take place today with protesters planning to march past the US ambassador's residence and the British embassy.
    • An official at the Malaysian embassy said that the factory which be would situated in Otjimuise in Windhoek, would be up and running by September.
    • In August, two officials of the Cuban embassy in Argentina were kidnapped and Cubana airlines offices in Panama were bombed.
    • After the agreement was signed, residents at the embassy packed-up and left, following 10 weeks of camping out in the cold in the face of a racist media campaign.
    • Officials at the Indian embassy said nearly 100 Indians had been arrested in the past two months by Iraqi and Syrian authorities for illegal entry.
    • An official at the Canadian embassy in Saudi Arabia, which is also responsible for Yemen, said the mission was aware of the incident but was not in a position to comment.
    • But officials from the embassy in Kenya were to meet and did meet today with Kenyan officials and the Israeli investigators.
    • Mani was again to the fore last week, meeting officials at the Zimbabwean embassy in London to help bring about the climbdown over the withdrawal of media accreditation.
    • You're in touch with U.S. officials at the American embassy there.
    • The claim has been confirmed by officials in the U.S. embassy in Jakarta who have had access to intercepts of the army's radio communications.
    • A suspicious letter posted in France and containing white powder was received at the US embassy, officials said.
    • French officials at the embassy tried to talk Wilson out of it, and would not take the medal back.
    • An official from the Irish embassy in Singapore was en route to Bali last night.
    • An official at the Israeli embassy said he had heard the reports but said he could not confirm whether a missile was fired.
    • The only people I spoke to before the decision were the officials at the Portuguese embassy.
    • Officials at the Egyptian embassy in London were not available for comment yesterday.
    • All the official jets, snazzy embassies, and expensive press agents cannot hide that these illegitimate rulers are not in the political sense Western at all.