Translation of embellish in Spanish:


adornar, v.

Pronunciation /əmˈbɛlɪʃ/ /ɪmˈbɛlɪʃ/ /ɛmˈbɛlɪʃ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (design/garment) adornar
    • Every station is embellished and decorated: delicate stars and hammers and sickles somewhat incongruously scattered about as decorative motifs.
    • Using photos as a starting point, she embellished them with decorative elements like buttons and curled papers.
    • Glass decorated with narrative scenes and with devices appropriated from the classical past were some of the Western decorative motifs used to embellish glass objects.
    • Its proponents freely adapted decorative elements of ecclesiastical buildings and interiors for use in domestic structures and to embellish all kinds of decorative arts objects.
    • These intricately made shoes are embellished with silver and silk.
    • The sky draped as a backdrop for the crimson harvest sun like a painting in a majestic golden frame embellished by great brush strokes from a master's hand.
    • The water bodies are embellished with ornamental fish, cascades, fountains and expensive plants that could be grown in submerged pots.
    • Ornate decorations and artistic gilt work embellish the statues, which are embedded with precious stones.
    • She shows a masterful attention to detail, embellishing a jade damask and sable stole with a quilted Asian-inspired pattern or adding delicate black feathers to the high neckline of a sleeveless black-to-lime chiffon gown.
    • Both sides of the sterling silver functional end have a brushed finish, and the front is embellished with bright-cut engraving.
    • This terrace is about half the size of the drawing room and the current owners have embellished it with an ornamental pond and fountain.
    • Add fresh flowers or small tree ornaments to embellish the wreath for a party.
    • Here she embellished sheets of postage stamps with silk thread; the sewing records the situations in which they were sewn.
    • Some of the Turkish and Italian textiles are embellished with exquisite embroideries executed in metallic threads.
    • Napkins are embellished with simple embroidery: Each has a small Christmas tree stitched near one corner.
    • In other trends, many denims were embellished with embroideries or with woven jacquard borders.
    • She wore a strapless white gown with a large, ballroom skirt and embroidery embellished the bodice.
    • White walls are embellished with black grass wallpaper and surface details are defined in marble, natural stone and tiles.
    • The students were encouraged to embellish the eyes or tail with additional items, but otherwise they were to use only one box to create their cows.
    • Enclosed are ideas for embellishing your fabric and waterproofing it to make a beautiful raincoat.
  • 2

    (story) adornar
    • And if people don't get the point, then I will simply repeat my windows story, now embellished by light switches, until they do.
    • Over the centuries, after countless retellings, the story has been slightly embellished.
    • The stress deepened her dependence on alcohol, and her amateurish efforts to market her story led her to embellish the details of her espionage.
    • My hope is that by making this public here, he will perhaps be dissuaded from continuing to embellish this story with false statements.
    • And in any case, there will be plenty of memories gained and stories to embellish after another extravaganza of Celtic solidarity.
    • Nothing so improves a dreary experience like the realization that it will yield a story we can embellish.
    • When people tell stories, as time goes by, the stories and memories get embellished sometimes.
    • In a survey 92 per cent of respondents admitted they had felt a need to embellish a story when in a social setting.
    • There, he tells Chloe and several other slaves his story, boastfully embellishing it and exaggerating his role in her successful escape.
    • Notice, too, that like good storytellers these advocates embellish the tale with some interesting exaggerations.
    • This story stretches the credibility and has surely been hugely embellished in the telling… hasn't it?
    • In Taylor House, where all sides concede that appellants will exaggerate, embellish and tell outright lies, his story is pretty tame.
    • It is no wonder then that such an off-beat and romantic story was immediately taken up and embellished by the media.
    • But such is the Australian love of the underdog, not to mention a good yarn, that tales of this antihero live on and have been embellished by the years.
    • He was a gifted conversationalist and had many fine stories and yarns which he could embellish with style.
    • Francis will often use one little piece of a ‘real’ story as a seed, which he then embellishes and develops into his own made-up story.
    • What follows is a description of each lesson: I have not embellished or exaggerated anything, or imported any apocryphal incidents.
    • It will be most obvious to you when, later, you try to retell it, matching my pace, embellishing the parts you thought were lackluster, trimming the places you thought were fatty.
    • A good journalist knows where to draw the line, to gather the facts of the story they are working on and not to embellish it with irrelevant details.
    • No doubt the details of this anecdote were embellished.