Translation of embodiment in Spanish:


encarnación, n.

Pronunciation /əmˈbɑdimənt/ /ɪmˈbɒdɪmənt/

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  • 1

    (personification, expression)
    encarnación feminine
    personificación feminine
    • Hegel's philosophy of history holds that the idea of right has developed within interactions among and within institutional embodiments of the idea.
    • If the characters intermittently come across as embodiments of ideas and author mouthpieces, the performances go far towards humanizing them.
    • Fuentes has the ability to turn ideas almost into characters and characters into the embodiments of historical process.
    • Her idea was that elephants were machines of destruction and embodiments of terror.
    • The characters who populate Blake's prophetic books are not people so much as embodiments of the principles that shape the universe he believed he was reshaping with his art.
    • Reverting to conventional photography, the artist insists we look at these people as embodiments of the limitations of science and technology.
    • In other words, it bears witness to the laudable belief that it is evil to speak of nations or persons as though they were embodiments of evil.
    • This was common practice with Conceptual artists, who often sent instructions for pieces through the mail, and for whom ideas could be more important than their embodiments.
    • Rather, through these physical embodiments of fecundity and vulnerability, entrapment and despair, she is uniquely able to comment about the female condition in a way which has lasting relevance to all humanity.
    • The large engineering and construction projects of the 1950s, such as the Damodar Valley dams, were celebrated by a number of observers as embodiments of the vibrant spirit of the new nation.
    • It is for the Congress, not the courts, to consult political forces and then decide how best to resolve conflicts in the course of writing the objective embodiments of law we know as statutes.
    • The firm position of Church of England, one of the oldest embodiments of Christianity, shows that the country still stands tall on the framework of religion.
    • In the icebergs and the blue heart of the glacier, Muldrow glimpses cold inhuman embodiments of the natural world that promise another reality.
    • A straightforward, action-packed clash of the titans between the embodiments of good and evil, Spider-Man delivers all the style and punch you could want.
    • Father and son are not simply embodiments of conflicting political stances, but well-developed characters who gain individuality as the film unfolds.
    • There is nothing to fear, hate, envy or be entranced by at all in any of these embodiments of that which is in our own Souls and which we are projecting onto emptiness.
    • So clowning features high on the agenda, although clowns aren't exactly embodiments of leadership or teambuilding skills.
    • The myth - in varied embodiments - is widespread amongst different peoples and cultures.
    • These animals are embodiments of what the world and its people should be like.
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    incorporación feminine