Traducción de embrace en español:


abrazar, v.

Pronunciación /əmˈbreɪs/ /ɪmˈbreɪs/ /ɛmˈbreɪs/

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verbo transitivo

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    I ran to embrace her corrí a estrecharla en / entre mis brazos / a abrazarla
    • Jordan looked at her friend for a moment before embracing her closely, Madison sobbing into Jordan's shirt.
    • She suddenly let all the tears in her eyes trickle out, and she embraced him closely.
    • When she saw me, she dropped her call and embraced me warmly.
    • Men and women around her rose spontaneously from their seats, embraced her warmly and wept for joy.
    • He immediately stood up and rushed towards his friend, embracing him warmly.
    • Lastly, she came to Noella, smiling warmly and embracing her in much the same way.
    • She first heads over to Rena, who embraces her warmly despite the fact that she just saw her only a few hours ago.
    • He dropped the duffle bag he was carrying and embraced her warmly, burying his face in her hair.
    • He stepped toward Ralph for a hug but before he could even put up his arms Ralph had grabbed him and embraced him tightly.
    • However, the man made the sign of the cross, embraced him to give him courage, and ascended.
    • He was a very sparkling, mercurial personality, quick to embrace you, as well as to criticize if I felt that something wasn't right.
    • In private the couple is openly affectionate, but when he tries to embrace her in public, she often turns to the side and they bump noses.
    • I have come to appreciate warm people who embrace you just because they're happy to see you.
    • Then two or three men together seized hold of him and embraced him, until gradually he became calm.
    • The person embracing him held him hard and started to smile.
    • The person embracing me walked over to the other side of the table and sat down.
    • She kissed her cousin's wife warmly on the cheek and embraced her.
    • She smiled warmly at me and stood to embrace me with a hug.
    • But that only reminded her that Jared was the last person to embrace her.
    • He said the person then started to embrace him while reaching for his wallet.
  • 2

    (offer/opportunity/proposal) aceptar
    (idea/principle) abrazar
    (lifestyle/religion) adoptar
    (lifestyle/religion) abrazar
    • The hype associated with this album suggests that the reason the Chieftains have been able to survive for so long is their willingness to embrace change.
    • Or will we wait for the public sector (famous for its willingness to embrace change rapidly) to simply drive demand?
    • Businesses, however need to be outward looking, objective and willing to embrace change.
    • The major focus of the book is showing how traditional library skills and a willingness to embrace change can aid you in solving technical problems.
    • Its articles, uniformly excellent and insightful, accept, even embrace, controversy.
    • Far be it from me, though, to accuse other people of inconsistency when it's a quality I embrace so enthusiastically myself.
    • If energy enthusiasts wish to embrace vitalism, who are we sceptics to snatch it away from them?
    • The Falcons remain well supported, some fans may even have embraced the changes.
    • Maybe we will benefit beyond belief in embracing some of these valuable philosophies and using them in practical solutions for all our welfare.
    • However, this hasn't stopped the various media outlets from enthusiastically embracing the Rugby World Cup.
    • Commission members, however, know Washington is not a city keen on embracing dramatic change.
    • The theory of constructivism embraces learning opportunities within the practice setting because they have been proven to promote knowledge-building.
    • He embraces the theory but not the name of the theory.
    • Baker's inclusive programming embraces his belief in the need for the Citadel to be an active part of its community.
    • That belief, if widely embraced, would make this book unnecessary, false, or both.
    • Few readers today could endorse the kind of self-repression he accepted and embraced.
    • The story is no prettier in states where the death penalty is even more enthusiastically embraced.
    • The Native peoples have traditionally embraced the belief that all is interdependent.
    • They have framed the problems in such a way that their proposed way of solving becomes accepted / embraced.
    • Much has changed in photography over the last 50 years and the club has readily embraced these changes.
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    (range/elements) abarcar
    (range/elements) comprender
    a coalition embracing members of six parties una coalición integrada por miembros de seis partidos políticos
    • Catholics believe that the full and right ordering of the Church embraces seven sacraments, including the apostolic and sacramentally ordained ministry.
    • This message embraces all creations, including the unborn.
    • His stellar career embraces comedy and drama and crosses media from television and movies to the stage and the recording arts.
    • Callaghan's political career thus embraced the entire experience of post-war Labourism.
    • Damian's career has embraced a plethora of characters and he's adamant that he doesn't have an ideal role.
    • During his career, Hughes would embrace every genre and his work would define as well as interpret the black experience.
    • The festival embraces various strands of the arts including music, theatre, dance, film, comedy, literature and family entertainment.
    • It is not easy work to classify since it embraces many fields and involves many collaborators, from traditional craftsmen to architects, and because he does not actually make anything himself.
    • He said the new round of WTO trade talks has to be a practical and comprehensive round that embraces all industries.
    • Javanese dance theatre embraces many different genres, including wayang wong, which features the use of puppets, wayang topéng which uses masks, and langendria which is a form of dance opera.
    • Paganism, which embraces a variety of groups including Druids, witches and followers of the Viking god Odin, is one of the fastest growing religions in the UK.
    • The VW Group embraces a raft of automotive brands including Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, Skoda and SEAT.
    • The Sedentary Phase embraces a range of local and regional cultures, including Pueblo Culture.
    • But he added his own insistence that nature embraces all aspects of life, including values.
    • A simple form taxon, such as Chuaria circularis, may embrace a polyphyletic array of organisms that includes cyanobacteria as well as protists.

verbo intransitivo

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    (couple) abrazarse


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    abrazo masculino
    they held each other in a warm/fond/passionate embrace se estrecharon / se fundieron en un cálido/cariñoso/apasionado abrazo
    • There is a moment of recognition and reconciliation before the boat overturns, and both, locked in a final embrace, are drowned.
    • They gently went down on their knees, still locked in their embrace.
    • An hour later, Victoria and Jack stood once again on the balcony, locked in a firm embrace.
    • Before she could comprehend it, his lips were on hers, and she was locked in his embrace.
    • I heard a soft sigh come from my own lips before his lips descended upon me and we locked in an embrace.
    • Our embrace is restricted by the wide table separating us, but it's great to feel his powerful arms around me.
    • Instead he pulled me to him, surrounded me in his embrace, and let me cry.
    • All at once, the group of functionaries simultaneously lock Thatcher in a close embrace, surrounding her from all sides.
    • Mama was next, pulling Riley into a deep embrace.
    • Her mother cried out, and gave her a deep embrace.
    • He leaned into her and they met in a deep embrace.
    • From her tone, I could tell that any misgivings about me were all gone by now, and I relished that fact, by snuggling deeper into her embrace.
    • Jack was the first to pull away from their deep embrace.
    • Cassandra smiled and snuggled deeper into his embrace, wanting to enjoy the little time they had together before she was sent back to the city.
    • I closed my eyes and buried myself deeper within his embrace.
    • Soon he loosened his embrace and looked deep into Christie's eyes and brought his hand to stroke her cheek.
    • She seems hesitant, but warms to the embrace and his deeper kisses.
    • I wrapped my arms tighter around her as she burrowed deeper in my embrace.
    • Picture the happiness of all those surrounding the lost boy who came home-their warm embraces, their words of welcome and gratitude for his safe return.
    • A kiss and an embrace will mend hurt when it comes from deep inside of you.