Translation of embryonic in Spanish:


embrionario, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɛmbriˈɑnɪk/ /ˌɛmbrɪˈɒnɪk/


  • 1

    • And that's what the opponents of embryonic stem cell research have pounced upon.
    • The company thus avoids using embryonic stem cells, still objects of controversy.
    • If so, it would not be necessary to use the ethically more problematic embryonic stem cells.
    • There is also evidence that they may not have the same capacity to multiply as embryonic stem cells do.
    • The limits on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research are one example.
    • The subject was the research use of embryonic stem cells, which Thompson approves.
    • Many annelids and molluscs share patterns of development in early embryonic stages.
    • At early stages of embryonic development the genital region of males and females is indistinguishable.
    • After fertilisation all the cells in the earliest stages of embryonic development are identical.
    • It's not even clear that such a creature could develop past the embryonic stage.
    • While nipples in woman serve a purpose, male nipples appear to be simply left over from the initial stage of embryonic development.
    • The latter has eyes during its early embryonic stage, but they quickly degenerate.
    • Although they retain the chordate characters as adults gill slits are present only in the embryonic stages of land vertebrates.
    • Cell cycle regulation at the embryonic stage is key for normal fetal development.
    • The process of pattern generation is completed in mammals during the embryonic stage.
    • This was known to influence numerous cellular mechanisms and could affect early embryonic development.
    • Compare the embryonic cleavage stage of Drosophila with that of later embryonic development.
    • This was known to influence numerous cellular mechanisms and could affect early embryonic development.
    • The neural tube is the embryonic structure that develops into the brain and spinal cord.
    • To include a test system avoiding this general problem, primary human embryonic fibroblasts were added to the study.
  • 2

    (plan/policy) en estado embrionario
    • I think this game has come too early for a unit in the embryonic stages of its development.
    • The diocese continues to insist that there never was a plan to remove the screen and says it was only one embryonic idea among others.
    • Hamilton's embryonic ideas seemed to bear the taint of eugenics.
    • This coup actually suffocated the development of democracy in Iran in its embryonic stage.
    • He admitted that the idea is still embryonic and needs more support from the government.
    • It's very early days - it's not even in its embryonic stages yet, it's still waiting to be conceived.
    • At this point, the proposal is still at an embryonic stage, he said.
    • His grasp of the English language is in its embryonic stage.
    • What the Tribunal was being told about was the embryonic stages of the formation of a terror cell in Australia.
    • An article, in its embryonic stage, is very much like a spoiled piece of chicken that is consumed too fast.
    • The Stop the War Coalition has benefited from their involvement from the embryonic stages of its existence.
    • The second, a rawer, soul and blues-based work, is still in its embryonic stage.
    • They are working closely with pensions providers, who indicate this work is at a very embryonic stage.
    • Without doubt, it is still in its embryonic stages, and has yet to find its true place as a genre and as a community.
    • It seems mean to point it out, to pick apart ideas so embryonic and unformed.
    • Sid represents a new generation of energetic workers on the rise, harbingers of a boom still in its embryonic stage.
    • Now in its embryonic stage, it promises to become the foundation of the new energy economy.
    • Architecture in its embryonic stages seems often to exist in a world without color.
    • The reform process in general is slow, but ongoing and in some sectors at its infancy or even embryonic stage.
    • They have an embryonic payments system for small purchases.