Translation of emerge in Spanish:


salir, v.

Pronunciation /əˈmərdʒ/ /ɪˈməːdʒ/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(come out)

      to emerge from sth salir de algo

      • he finally emerged from his room
      • she emerged from obscurity in 1981
      • they emerged clear winners of the contest
      • But the spectacle can cloy and a sadness lingers after the pageant has moved on as householders emerge with shovels and brooms to sweep away all trace of their work.
      • No birds are perched on the board; however, the head of a single cormorant, its signature white throat clearly visible, just emerges from the waters of the lagoon ahead of the barge.
      • Julia stands alone in the middle of the road, unable to move, until Steven emerges from the carriage and slowly leads her back.
      • Place the bowl in a cool, dark spot until growth emerges, then move the bowl to a sunny spot.
      • And then the shadows behind the throne moved and a form emerged.
      • When Jessica made no move, a man emerged from the darkness.
      • Once the attack was foiled, the column moved forward and eventually emerged on the plains beyond the badlands.
      • Jimmy emerged with a visible cut on his arm, but he was not in pain.
      • Before anyone could move a head emerged from behind the corner with a grin almost as wide as its face.
      • When leaves emerge, move the tray back into the light.
      • She gasped as a hand reached out to her, the figure slowly emerging from the shadows.
      • We soon emerged out of the darkness of the towering vegetation and into a clearing.
      • Lenard wheeled around and saw a uniformed man slowly emerged from the shadow of a cherry tree.
      • She saw his shadowy figure emerge at the end of the alley.
      • Another figure emerges at the far end of the living room.
      • A creature emerged at the end of the rope.
      • When new seedlings emerge in spring, Taylor transplants them to other parts of the garden.
      • They emerge blinking in bewilderment at the unfamiliar daylight and smells of the bush.
      • The next day we emerged blinking into a shimmering Grenada day.
      • The trio emerge blinking and gasping but unharmed, and the damage to the den is minimal.

    • 1.2(become evident, known)

      (problem) surgir
      (problem) aparecer
      (truth) revelarse
      when the facts began to emerge cuando los hechos empezaron a salir a la luz
      • his true character does not emerge at all from this biography su verdadero carácter no se desprende / no surge para nada de esta biografía
      • she emerges as a very likable figure uno se forma una imagen de una persona muy agradable
      • it has now emerged that this was not true ahora ha trascendido que esto no era cierto
      • it emerged from the interview that he already knew en la entrevista salió a relucir / se reveló que ya lo sabía
      • The crash occurred on Sunday, but the amazing survival stories only emerged yesterday.
      • During the hearing, one critical piece of evidence emerged which could prove very damaging to the government.
      • Details of C & C executives' basic salaries also emerged yesterday.
      • Reports first emerged in the 1980s, but police dropped their investigations and officials destroyed documents.
      • Details emerging last week of the Cumbria tragedy bore that conclusion out.
      • Evidence emerged last night of how much planning went into the roadblocks.
      • Evidence emerged last week that initiatives such as Enterprise Insight may be having a beneficial effect.
      • In another landmark move, it emerged yesterday that Tony Blair is prepared to give MPs the chance to debate the crisis over Iraq, and to register their views in a free vote on the issue.
      • He went on to say while initially it was his understanding that the monument was to be moved, it subsequently emerged that there were problems in doing this.
      • It has emerged that Loft was moved to a psychiatric hospital three years ago; yet no one informed the Birnie family.
      • As the identities of the missing emerge, we move from a statistical body count to the tragedy of human loss - brothers, mothers, lovers and daughters cruelly blown away as they headed to work.
      • Hints that Apple is considering a move into retail emerged back in June 1999.
      • The picture emerging yesterday was confused at best.
      • He said he was confident that they would put up an impressive show and eventually emerge winners.
      • The difference only emerges in the context in which it applies within the count in the indictment.
      • A similar pattern emerged over the previous decade 1990-2000.
      • In this simulation a noticeable warm pattern emerges in the 1980s and 1990s.
      • Site art first emerged in the late 1960's as a reaction to the growing commercialisation of the art world.
      • A simple pattern emerged over the next several years.
      • A similar theme emerges in the context of the Seder.
      • Often both trends emerge at different times in the same game.
      • If general themes do emerge in this year's Biennial, they are subtle rather than revelatory.
      • The warring factions of the £400m Blackwell publishing family have emerged as front-runners.
      • A profile of those who are on the move emerges from the report that suggests estate agents should be targeting young, single women.
      • I have a condition that is in some fundamental sense similar to asthma, is it a coincidence that said condition only emerged after I moved into this house?
      • However, a new model of church structure is emerging that may move churches beyond monochromatic ministry.
      • Pricing power is emerging, productivity is moving in the right direction, and wages are holding in check.
      • Overall, the trajectory that emerges from her analysis moves from gender complementarity toward gender imbalance.
      • A strongly centralized settlement system revolving around the capital, Athens, has emerged from these moves.
      • He struggles to keep quick receivers in front of him, but he is learning opponents' moves and should emerge as a candidate for the Pro Bowl this year.
      • The move may help Thailand emerge as Asia's number two tourist destination.

  • 2

    • 2.1(come into being, evolve)

      (idea/system) surgir
      no agreement has emerged from the discussions no ha surgido ningún acuerdo de las discusiones
      • The new spectacularly rises from the old like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.
      • Release the butterfly where it was captured as soon as it emerges from its chrysalis.
      • The title may refer to a process, as when a butterfly emerges from the chrysalis.

    • 2.2emerging present participle

      (nation) emergente
      (nation) joven
      (industries) naciente
      (industries) incipiente
      • But hope persists that the UUP risk-taker can emerge relatively unscathed from this election.
      • Despite the complications, the surgeries typically go smoothly and most tarantulas emerge unscathed.
      • From nearly 50 years of complex warfare the house of Wessex had emerged triumphant.
      • The board said the airline is likely to emerge from bankruptcy on its own.
      • MCI's plans to emerge from bankruptcy hit a big snag, this week.
      • They emerged triumphant on a score of 2-12 to 0-8.