Traducción de emergency cord en español:

emergency cord

cordón de seguridad, n.


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    cordón de seguridad masculino
    • Passengers pulled the emergency cord when the train failed to stop after Ascot, only to be told by the driver that he would report them.
    • Angry passengers pulled the emergency cord when their train failed to stop at a station, it has emerged.
    • One passenger pulled the emergency cord, stopping the train and opening the doors.
    • He had pulled the emergency cord to get off the train, and was hotly pursued by the conductor, who lost him within moments, shrugged, wiped his brow, straightened his waistcoat and reboarded the train.
    • The train came to a halt as someone pulled the emergency cord.
    • The thing to watch for with fellow travellers is what shocks them into pulling the emergency cord and jumping off the train.
    • The emergency cord was pulled, and as the tube train drew into Oval station a man dashed out of the doors and ran.
    • People were fainting and repeatedly pulling the emergency cord.
    • ‘Okay’ I said brightly and pulled the orange emergency cord.
    • Suddenly there was this extraordinary stopping sensation and I immediately thought someone had pulled the emergency cord.
    • Got the last train home ok, but some bright spark decided to pull the emergency cord at Shoreham.
    • I pulled the emergency cord in my carriage and nothing happened.
    • On Monday and Tuesday passengers pulled the emergency cords on a number of passenger trains in order to block the line between Padua and Pisa.