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emir, n.

Pronunciación /əˈmɪr/ /ɛˈmiːə/

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    emir masculino
    • They selected various people and called them kings, emirs and sheikhs.
    • The amir of Kuwait is not claiming to be a caliph!
    • In 1999, the emir of Kuwait dissolved parliament and, along with a variety of other liberalizing measures, sought to grant women the right to vote by decree.
    • The government, which is headed by the emir, is composed of ministers appointed by him, many of whom are drawn from the extended royal family and educated in the West.
    • A few weeks ago he sought to persuade the emir of Qatar to close it down, without success.
    • The emir must sanction laws passed by parliament, and parliament must approve government ministers appointed by the emir.
    • People are not happy with what is going on, but they are keeping quiet as a sign of respect to the emir and his crown prince.