Translation of emissary in Spanish:


emisario, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛməˌsɛri/ /ˈɛmɪs(ə)ri/

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nounplural emissaries

  • 1

    emisario masculine
    emisaria feminine
    • He sent his agents, emissaries to her with fabulous temptations but the virtuous 1ady rebuffed them, one and all.
    • After the marriage date is set, the groom sends out emissaries to personally invite friends and relatives to the wedding.
    • The British sent emissaries here to promote trade.
    • Queen Anne had sent emissaries through Protestant Europe seeking people willing to move.
    • This is not the time for striking back-room political deals, nor the time to send emissaries to our enemies.
    • He has sent emissaries both to Washington and to Baghdad to try to convince all parties involved to avoid that war.
    • Through the night, Rais received emissaries sent to persuade him to call off the demonstration.
    • He sent out his emissaries to collect all the most advanced astronomical instruments that were being used by 18th century Europeans and Islamic astronomers.
    • King Torva sent an emissary to find out what was going on.
    • More importantly, he actually sent an emissary to Pakistan.
    • Do not fear, he has sailed as far as the Eastern continent, where I sent him as an emissary to the Tardonian colonies.
    • In its place, he sent his emissary to negotiate a plan for greater autonomy.
    • An emissary was sent to Suva, to relay first-hand that nothing could be done.
    • His status was important enough that he was even sent as an emissary to France to find a suitable mid-wife for the queen.
    • Between 1960 and 1968, various emissaries were sent to try and persuade him to join government service in the new government but he refused.
    • Kings and Emperors traditionally corresponded by messenger - their emissaries and couriers have always been subject to special protection.
    • All activities and combat operations of the militants are coordinated via emissaries who are sent to various places and points of action.
    • He reaches the walls of the city, and the Romans, to save it from destruction, send emissaries, old friends of Coriolanus, to propose terms, but in vain.
    • To underline the point, he is sending emissaries to key countries in Europe and Asia, and Australia, for consultations.
    • UN emissaries sent there had found that the camps were filthy and disease-ridden, not fit for human habitation.