Translation of emit in Spanish:


despedir, v.

Pronunciation /əˈmɪt/ /ɪˈmɪt/

transitive verb emitting, emitted, emitted

  • 1

    (gas/smell/vapor) despedir
    • In this model the gamma rays are emitted as synchrotron radiation by electrons that are accelerated to much lower energies.
    • At a synchrotron radiation source, electrons emit radiation as they are guided by magnets around a storage ring.
    • The intensity of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by a source varies as a function of both frequency and direction.
    • Even though the electron is in constant motion, it does not emit electromagnetic radiation from a stationary state.
    • And if they did spiral in, electrons would emit electromagnetic radiation, including light, across a continuous range of frequencies.
    • Classical mechanics could not accurately predict the spectrum of radiation emitted by a heated body.
    • A radioactive source will emit these radiations at various frequencies, depending on its activity and its decay mode.
    • As part of their normal operations, nuclear reactors routinely emit radioactive gases and particles into the air.
    • When something is hot, it emits electromagnetic radiation.
    • The two new atoms then emit gamma radiation as they settle into their new states.
    • The neutron bombardment transforms certain isotopes of the elements into radioactive species which then emit gamma rays.
    • When that happens, the particle emits radiation in the form of a ‘shock wave’, widely known as Cerenkov radiation.
    • Basically when a polished plate is exposed to electromagnetic radiation, it may emit electrons.
    • According to the equations, black holes appeared to be emitting radiation.
    • Diesel-fuelled vehicles are not included among the better buys as particles emitted are a threat to health.
    • Now he believes that anything emitted from a black hole can be identifiable back to its source.
    • Police declined to comment, but a local resident reached by telephone told Reuters that a woman who got off shortly before the explosion said she saw a man board the bus carrying a plastic container emitting smoke.
    • In some patients, the tremors that characterize the disease actually worsened, possibly because the transplanted cells were emitting too much dopamine.
  • 2

    (heat/light/radiation) emitir
  • 3

    (sound/groan) emitir
    • Pooh briefly emitted a noise that sounded vaguely like some kind of curse.
    • The headphones emit a sound that cancels out airplane noise.
    • Poppy was huddled in a rabbit hutch, both her ears held flat to her head, making meowing actions but emitting no sound.
    • My uncle emitted a sound that I never want to hear again.
    • It emits a beeping sound, and you can find it with your eyes closed.
    • It's tiny, out of tune, and emits a bizarre sound.
    • The robots emit various sounds during the mating cycle.
    • The fur will begin to twitch toward them and emit crackling sounds.
    • As I tried jumping out of my bed, I heard myself emit a similar sound; was I in pain too?
    • Then as the appointment time approaches, the card will emit a sound as a reminder to the patient.
    • The ray serpent squealed in pain, emitting a sound that caused Isabella's skin to crawl.
    • Like all dolphins, these marine mammals gather information about their environment by emitting high-pitched sounds, or clicks, and analyzing the returning echoes.
    • At the entrance visitors will find a big pink corridor, with speakers emitting the sounds of various alarm clocks; stand there for more than a couple of seconds and the noise will drive you crazy.
    • The sound of someone screaming woke me up and I realized I was the one emitting the sound.
    • She emitted a sound - a muffled cry of consternation or a sigh of exasperation, he couldn't be sure which - and swept past him.
    • It remained hovering for 30 minutes and emitted a sound like several engines working together.
    • She emitted a sound of frustration and tossed her drink in his face.
    • Something must have happened while she stood there in a daze; now the immense green monster was loping down the Long Hallway, still emitting occasional muffled bellows.