Traducción de emotion en español:


sentimiento, n.

Pronunciación /əˈmoʊʃ(ə)n/ /ɪˈməʊʃ(ə)n/

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    sentimiento masculino
    I was torn by conflicting emotions me debatía entre sentimientos contradictorios
    • The path down is usually the feminine journey, which brings us to emotion, instinct and intuition.
    • Life today is guided not by logic and reason but rather by emotion, fear and sentimentality.
    • Since Plato, many philosophers have sought to make a sharp distinction between reason and emotion.
    • Many actors play down the intellectual side of their work, and talk instead about operating on emotion and instinct.
    • With knowledge comes realisation and emotion, not always happy, but always positive.
    • Also, would you care to explain why logical rational thought is more valid than emotion and intuition?
    • Reason and emotion can thus be seen as two complementary systems in the human brain for making decisions.
    • The death penalty is like human sacrifice in that it is not based on reason, but on emotion.
    • We act irresponsibly if we ignore the way in which emotion can drive reason from the field.
    • As he spoke for those two hypnotic hours, he appealed not to my emotion, but to reason.
    • It addresses the audience by distracting its reason and arousing its emotion.
    • It is a Water sign, and as such is connected to the world of emotion and the instincts.
    • Public displays of emotion, aggression and anxiety are an accepted form of behaviour.
    • An action that springs from desire, emotion, or interest is therefore heteronomous.
    • Romance calls for passion and usually an outpouring of emotion and sentiment.
    • Women opt for romance, emotion and tears; men favour blood, crime and technology.
    • I think all my books are embarrassingly awash with sentimentality and emotion.
    • I wish people would stop mistaking sentimentality for serious emotion.
    • The fast footwork, rhythmic clapping and haunting singing radiate an atmosphere of passion and raw emotion.
    • This fake show of emotion is embarrassing and entirely unjustified.
    • The world cannot tolerate these old claims, most times based on sheer hysteria and emotion.
    • She loves the fact that there is an intensity about holidays that can spark strong emotions.
    • It allows you to have strong emotions and opinions without any real risk to yourself.
    • There has been an attempt to defuse aggressive emotions and any desire for revenge.
    • Never before had he felt such strong emotions for anyone else besides his family.
    • The endocrine system is often seen as having a very strong link to the emotions.
    • Her emotions were too strong, too raw, for her to be able to suppress them any longer.
    • It can also be difficult for them to speak to friends about the emotions they are experiencing.
    • He began to drink heavily and seemed quite incapable of controlling his emotions.
    • She hated letting other people see her cry, as if it was a point of shame to possess human emotions.
    • How could she have let him do this to her, to affect her this way that she had no control over her own emotions?
    • I guess Dan didn't want me to know he was human and actually had feelings and emotions.
    • As his wife fell into a dark world of despair, Adom felt his emotions mirror hers.
    • Asylum is an issue which continues to stir emotions, both in the town and across the country.
    • He said the crash had devastated the entire station and emotions were still raw.
    • He said he could never condone her reaction but her emotions were understandable.
    • It's easier to write a song and sing about intense personal emotions than to talk about them.
    • You should respect your elders, but not when they try to manipulate your emotions.
    • The mother struggles to find her own voice amid the turbulent emotions of her offspring.
    • When he does react, he makes sure that his rational side is always in control of his emotions.
    • I let my emotions control me instead of my logic, my hatred win out over my curiosity.
    • Do you ever feel caught up in emotions and find yourself making a bad decision?
    • The left part of the picture seems to symbolize the realm of desire and irrational emotions.
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    (strength of feeling)
    emoción femenino
    her voice trembled with emotion la voz le temblaba de emoción
    • he said it with no apparent emotion lo dijo sin demostrar ninguna emoción
    • scenes of great emotion escenas de gran emotividad