Translation of emotionally in Spanish:


emocionalmente, adv.

Pronunciation /əˈmoʊʃ(ə)nəli/ /ɪˈməʊʃ(ə)nəli/


  • 1

    (mature) emocionalmente
    emotionally deprived con carencias afectivas / emocionales
    • emotionally, he's still a child desde el punto de vista afectivo / emocional, todavía es un niño
    • This setting isn't accidental; Perry is a young man in transit - emotionally, artistically, sexually.
    • He runs away and never comes back, emotionally damaged beyond repair.
    • Van Gogh was extremely dependent on his brother, both financially and emotionally.
    • This was a romanticized place where masculine types could prove themselves physically and emotionally.
    • Leon's so emotionally numb that all he seems capable of feeling is guilt and rage.
    • The people trudged through their rainy grey days, repressed and emotionally withdrawn.
    • His son plays him like a fiddle, using him as an excuse and emotionally blackmailing him into submission.
    • If the parent or care giver is emotionally distressed, provide relief and support.
    • While emotionally charged, these canvases seem less paeans to nature than flights of the artist's imagination.
    • Reason told him he had to make a break no matter how emotionally painful the separation might be.
  • 2

    (with emotion)
    (behave/react/speak) con gran emotividad
    in an emotionally charged atmosphere en un ambiente cargado de emotividad
    • Why do people respond emotionally to films that they know are fictional?
    • Being really, really proud of the music that you've made helps you write emotionally about stuff.
    • He played emotionally through his songs before leaving us on a positive note, with "Smile to the world".
    • White has spoken emotionally in defence of his professional integrity and personal pride.
    • He responded emotionally that he would call former President Carter, with whom he said he was in touch, and started to leave.
    • One person shouted emotionally, "I want in, I have been on the fringe for too long."
    • She emotionally recalls what it was like as a teenager running into her homeless dad on the streets and pretending she didn't know him.
    • But you sound like you're reacting emotionally, and not really rationally with such a response, but so be it.
    • Even if I plan ahead for a discussion with my spouse, my boss or my child, I still find myself acting emotionally.
  • 3

    (attached) sentimentalmente
    they were emotionally involved tenían una relación sentimental