Translation of emotive in Spanish:


emotivo, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈmoʊdɪv/ /ɪˈməʊtɪv/


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    cargado de emotividad
    • Film is an emotive medium, uniquely able to manipulate through lighting and music as well as words.
    • I think I would be too emotional; I couldn't make an objective decision on such an emotive subject.
    • Urgent, thorough debate is needed on this very emotive subject, but the right people must be involved in that debate.
    • The presence of women in the armed services is an emotive subject.
    • This emotive subject was close to the hearts of many councils and generated a lot of comment.
    • When a subject becomes as emotive as this one, then people will believe what they want to believe.
    • Money of course is a highly emotive subject, and often people allow their emotions to cloud their better judgement.
    • Slavery is an emotive subject but has to be addressed head on.
    • I knew how emotive and personal a subject it was and, therefore, my goal has been to question not to judge.
    • It is also, I fancy, a far too emotive subject for me to handle in great depth.
    • The question I keep asking myself is why has fox hunting become such an intensely emotive issue in this country?
    • Certain subjects are taboo, or too emotive to be examined with objectivity.
    • All I am saying to you is that all the rather emotive matters you are talking about can be dealt with in these other grounds.
    • It is easy to see why the issue is a particularly emotive one.
    • These issues involve difficult and emotive ethical problems.
    • It is a problematic and emotive issue as it relates to the most vulnerable and marginalised group in any society: children.
    • The Great Famine affected all aspects of Irish life and remains one of the most emotive issues in modern Irish historiography.
    • The debate ranged over many emotive ethical issues and in doing so lost sight of what was of benefit to the area as required by the statute.
    • I believe the emotive issues will prove most important in the long run.
    • The media's exploitation of emotive issues to boost circulation and to win rating battles is par for the course.