Translation of empathetic in Spanish:


empático, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɛmpəˈθɛdɪk/ /ɛmpəˈθɛtɪk/

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    • Yes, we can be selfish but we are also highly empathetic and supportive.
    • We can't increase their pay or decrease their time away from home, but we can be empathetic and caring supervisors.
    • But they could not be empathetic, they just couldn't understand because it had not happened to them.
    • By humanizing his characters, he brings us to an empathetic understanding of what might have brought them to where they are now.
    • The trouble with being a fairly empathetic person is that makes it hard to say no to anyone in pain.
    • I changed hospitals as part of my rotation and worked with an unusually empathetic consultant.
    • Antoine's immaturity is laid bare, but in a surprisingly nuanced and empathetic manner.
    • He launched into a sensitive, empathetic account of Mekas's early life and his exile from Lithuania.
    • I am a firm believer in teaching children to be empathetic with others.
    • Trial attorneys know that some jurors are more empathetic than others.