Traducción de emphatic en español:


enérgico, adj.

Pronunciación /əmˈfædɪk/ /ɪmˈfatɪk/ /ɛmˈfatɪk/

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    (gesture/tone) enérgico
    (gesture/tone) enfático
    (assertion/refusal) categórico
    he was most emphatic puso gran énfasis en ello
    • an emphatic 'no' un 'no' rotundo / categórico
    • she was emphatic about the need for further improvements hizo hincapié en la necesidad de nuevas mejoras
    • He is also emphatic that he is not a consumerist fanatic.
    • He was particularly emphatic about the importance of keeping the public informed of these developments.
    • Smita is emphatic that ‘no community lives within its borders’.
    • In fact, the women were emphatic about the necessity of making the stories available to young people as part of school curricula.
    • He is equally emphatic about the need to promote Maori language.
    • Jen wants us to take her mother there, and was rather emphatic about it.
    • Sandeep was emphatic that the print media had its place in advertising.
    • When we moved in she was emphatic that she wanted the top floor to herself.
    • She decries the decline in regional theatre and is emphatic about the importance of theatre in our cultural lives.
    • Both of them are emphatic that they are not passing any judgment on technology.
    • A U.S. Congressional delegation made an equally emphatic statement in late August.
    • But he's been very emphatic about getting back his little dog.
    • She has been particularly emphatic about how much she is looking forward to it, on Tuesdays.
    • The " facts " presented by the studio consisted of a list of emphatic denials about the film.
    • The short answer to this question is a very emphatic ' Yes'.
    • "Oh yes, most definitely, " Lisa agreed with an emphatic nod.
    • Silko is very animated throughout: she punctuates her narrative with emphatic gestures and laughter.
    • Despite his emphatic denial, the impression still persists that he and Santini scarcely saw eye to eye.
    • A slave appeared in the half-open doorway and scurried away at Adriana's emphatic gesture.
    • She punctuated her statement with emphatic head gestures which again caused her hair to fall in her face.
    • A win is a win, but this was hardly the emphatic result needed to banish those Danish blues.
    • Paul Botterill had given Volunteer an excellent start, but solid scoring from all the Britannia team ensured an emphatic result.
    • The results are more emphatic than I was expecting and this is extremely good news.
    • This time the result was more emphatic as this excellent college extends its reputation as one of the finest in the college football hierarchy.
    • The emphatic result was testament to his ability to challenge and expose the political classes and take the people along with him.
    • The emphatic result was testament to his ability to challenge and expose the political classes and take the people along with him.
    • The result was emphatic, a 4-2 victory for United.
    • Hendry said he had plenty of room for improvement despite the emphatic result.
    • The emphatic outcome wiped away the smiles of one set.
    • When the counties squared up in the championship in Killarney, the outcome was an emphatic win for Kerry.
    • A determined Midleton had an emphatic 27-8 win away to Portadown and they are now up to fourth in the table.
    • Following their emphatic win in the Sunday Quiz League, they needed to win their last match of the season in the Wednesday Quiz League to ensure the double.
    • The performance of the younger members of the team has become a feature and the combination of Ross and Joe responded well to the challenge with an emphatic win.
    • In the last of the two games before the quarter-final stage, Grange's emphatic win sees them go through to meet premier side Parkville United.
    • Matlock spurned several easy chances to secure an even more emphatic win.
    • Ilkley's second fifteen continued their winning ways with an emphatic victory at Salem.
    • I can think of many games where Anil has engineered emphatic wins for India.
    • However, World Champion Steve Goacher fought back in the second race to record an emphatic victory for his Windermere Sailing Club.
    • The finish was equally emphatic and the Derby fans celebrated without reservation.