Traducción de emphatically en español:


enérgicamente, adv.

Pronunciación /əmˈfædək(ə)li/ /ɪmˈfatɪkli/


  • 1

    (say/declare) enérgicamente
    (deny) categóricamente
    (deny) rotundamente
    • He is a man who speaks forcefully, emphatically and, yes, sometimes controversially from the pulpit at First Baptist Church.
    • Both the District Court judge and the High Court judge emphatically stood behind the principle that the ability to pay money ought not to influence the outcome of the case.
    • Tara, not wanting to let one of her hands go from her ears, started nodding emphatically to the door.
    • Toward the end of the song, when I emphatically sang the last chorus, Sarah finally opened her door and quickly dragged me inside.
    • Fending off a protesting Violet, Briar emphatically closed and locked the door before taking a seat on the sofa.
    • My secretary has confirmed emphatically that no such letter or request was delivered to my office.
    • A spokesman for the London-based group says: ‘We emphatically deny any impropriety whatsoever.’
    • ‘The book doesn't bother me at all whatsoever,’ declared Hunter emphatically, before going on to sound very bothered indeed.
    • ‘The persecution makes us strong’, said Vic emphatically.
    • Yet when I asked Sherry if she would consider moving elsewhere, she emphatically answered ‘No.’
    • Ell emphatically denied making the statement, adding that he had nothing against white people.
    • However, when contacted by The Sunday Business Post last Friday, the witness emphatically denied the statement attributed to him.
    • Soldiers interviewed in Kosovo emphatically expressed their support for nationbuilding.
    • Cheney emphatically reaffirms the pro-federalism position on the issue.
    • And both papers answer that second question clearly and emphatically: it's about freedom.