Traducción de employer en español:


empleador, n.

Pronunciación /əmˈplɔɪər/ /ɪmˈplɔɪə/ /ɛmˈplɔɪə/

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  • 1

    (manager, boss)
    empleador masculino
    empleadora femenino
    (of domestic worker etc) patrón masculino
    (of domestic worker etc) patrona femenino
    she's a fair employer es justa con sus empleados
    • unions and employers los sindicatos y la patronal / los empresarios
    • In any free market employers are forced to compete for the services of their employees.
    • They feel that they have been let down by the Government, the employers and now by their own union.
    • The council has not yet prosecuted any employers for breaking child employment laws.
    • They're already the second largest private sector employer in the state of California.
    • The largest local employer is the state government.
    • One of the town's biggest employers has folded, putting 195 people out of work.
    • You can also sue your former employer for discrimination and other unfair practices that violate company policy.
    • A woman who was sacked after returning from maternity leave is suing her former employer for sex discrimination.
    • Graduates were given 10 minutes to impress prospective employers.
    • The embroidery industry is a major employer of female workers.
    • The biggest single employer in the mid west region is to shed 150 jobs amid fears further cuts will follow.
    • Some private-sector employers who failed to comply with the law also complained that the timing was inappropriate.
    • The scheme finds employment opportunities for local residents by encouraging employers in the area to contact them first.
    • The car industry was a core employer of manufacturing labour, particularly the post-war influx of non-English-speaking migrant workers.
    • The act obliges employers to identify and safeguard against all risks to health and safety.
    • Federal law requires employers to make such information available to their workers upon request.
    • The talks culminated in a meeting between the unions, the government and the employers ' federation the following week.
    • But he is finding it impossible to find an employer willing to take him on as an apprentice.
    • In May the government made employers responsible for checking the immigration status of their workers.
    • The laws that currently exist allow employers to pay their employees as they please.
  • 2

    (business, organization)
    one of the biggest employers in the country uno de los mayores empleadores del país
    • list your three most recent employers indique las tres últimas empresas para las que ha trabajado
    • employer's contributions aportes del empleador