Translation of employment agency in Spanish:

employment agency

agencia de trabajo, n.


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    agencia de trabajo feminine
    agencia de colocación feminine
    • Boyle has started an employment agency and other small businesses to help gang members who want to leave that life find new ones.
    • She previously worked for another company, also an employment agency, which had a contract with the city council but she declined to name which one.
    • The spokeswoman said that the 61 staff, all employed from the Manpower employment agency, had been recruited because of their ‘flexibility’.
    • He's now mainly in the employment agency business, with more than 600 people on his books.
    • We have already launched our Business Support Project, and the employment agency to help local people get jobs is coming shortly.
    • It plans to begin them again in the spring using workers contracted from a foreign employment agency.
    • ‘The more specialised the business, the more the employment agency may charge the client,’ the spokesman says.
    • When I arrived at the employment agency, they gravely informed me that the position had been filled five minutes ago.
    • A fast-growing employment agency which provides staff to leading car manufacturers has unveiled plans for new headquarters in Bradford.
    • After being contacted by an employment agency in the city, I arranged to have an interview with a friendly enough sounding man.
    • A specialist employment agency supplying teaching and childcare staff was asked to track down teachers and childcare workers.
    • He arrived in London where a friend put him in contact with a London-based employment agency.
    • With that in mind she has set up an employment agency at her children's school in north London, matching mothers to local employers.
    • His opportunity was a construction job that he got through an employment agency.