Traducción de empower en Español:


conferirle poderes a, v.

Pronunciación /əmˈpaʊ(ə)r/ /ɪmˈpaʊə/ /ɛmˈpaʊə/

verbo transitivo

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    conferirle poderes a
    otorgarle poderes a
    she is empowered to sign the contract on my behalf está autorizada a / para firmar el contrato en mi nombre
    • Smith was also empowered to make arrangements for a mass meeting, but action was delayed until the following month.
    • The U.N. has never established a court empowered to do so.
    • New cabinet members are not legally empowered because they have not been officially appointed yet.
    • Of course, that cannot begin until the board is established and empowered to act.
    • Thus the organization is empowered to issue punishment if it determines rules were violated.
    • All uniformed Metro offices are empowered to issue traffic fines.
    • Current legislation empowers the Financial Supervision Commission to sanction banks that use misleading advertisements.
    • The Director of Public Prosecutions is the only person empowered to grant immunity.
    • Local officials were empowered to impose curfews in 38 towns and cities.
    • Article 19 of that law empowered the president to name the commander in chief.
    • The police are empowered to investigate crime, search for evidence, arrest suspected offenders and question them.
    • At present, however, conservation districts simply are not empowered to deal with drainage.
    • There is a reason why the police are the only ones empowered to deal with moving traffic offences.
    • The reason is that these are private schools and the Education Act does not empower the Minister of Education to control such schools.
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    Política Sociología
    to empower sb/oneself investir de poder a algn/investirse de poder
    • Afrikaner women were newly empowered by more extensive literacy and the franchise.
    • Newly empowered consumers can appropriate and manipulate the brand in whatever way they want.
    • An economically empowered community may be able thereafter to access other health services.
    • Global health institutions can also empower individuals and groups in national and global forums.
    • I believe that a truly empowered woman would give birth without assistance.
    • Think of how much more empowered young people would be if schools discussed and analyzed what marketing really accomplishes.
    • He has actually empowered women much more than other Zen teachers in Korea.
    • Television has certainly begun to show women as far more empowered citizens than they were in the 1950s.
    • And so empowering people, giving them choices, is what this is about.
    • Do you think consumer laws have empowered the patients'?
    • Only then can patients be fully empowered, and with that power comes self responsibility.
    • In either case, the Web does not seem to have empowered local individuals.
    • In this area, as in many, technology is empowering the little guy.
    • ‘The power of an organisation cannot be fully realised unless you empower people and allow them to be the best that they can be,’ he said.
    • Giving more powers to the local bodies means empowering the local people.
    • He delegates well and empowers the people who work for him.
    • Second, most managers were committed to empowering the teams and allowing the teams to do their jobs with little or no interference.
    • The licensing agreements they advocate empower consumers, instead of limiting their rights.
    • Successful individuals know how to empower people because the higher you are in a leadership position, the less you can afford to micromanage the efforts of people.
    • Separation is not psychologically satisfying or emotionally empowering for some individuals.
    • Her ultimate ambition is to empower and enable people through educational achievement.