Traducción de empowerment en español:


empoderamiento, n.

Pronunciación /əmˈpaʊərmənt/ /ɛmˈpaʊəm(ə)nt/

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    empoderamiento masculino
    atribución de poderes femenino
    otorgamiento de poderes masculino
    • The next speaker needs to be the type of leader who brings more empowerment to council members and forms a team which represents meaningful consultation.
    • The organization's work in Liberia has made a considerable contribution to political party empowerment.
    • To help you get comfortable with your ability to take care of business, follow these steps to financial empowerment.
    • Giving them such empowerment is really investing in viable business capable of making long life profits.
    • Mr Thomas said that given appropriate empowerment, the regions can play a major role in delivering national economic policies.
    • As such, the promise lies in the empowerment it offers to intermediate institutions.
    • They don't want to give any empowerment to the Canadian people other than an ' X ' on a ballot.
    • These forces call for agile flexible leaders, and increasing empowerment to council members.
    • The philosophy of health promotion is to guide and support patient care through empowerment and collaboration.
    • I expected to find significant restrictions placed on the empowerment of teams by the military nature of the organization.