Traducción de emulate en español:


emular, v.

Pronunciación /ˈɛmjəˌleɪt/ /ˈɛmjʊleɪt/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (person/success) emular
    he strove to emulate his father's achievements se esforzó por emular los logros de su padre
    • At this stage, though, Murray is motivated not by money, just a desire to emulate Tim Henman's notable achievements.
    • As for the players who are capable of emulating his achievements at the World Cup 38 years ago, he is tipping four stars to make a major impact.
    • He wouldn't miss today's final for the world, but even if they do succeed in emulating his achievement of 31 years ago, he has no plans for an elaborate celebration.
    • Last season they finished top of their group in the UEFA Cup and few would bet against them emulating that achievement this season.
    • He is hoping to emulate his achievement of last season by staying in the team for the rest of the campaign.
    • The chief executive would be more than happy if they can emulate that achievement this year but knows they can take nothing for granted.
    • If he can emulate this achievement, the fans will soon forget their qualms over his aggressive takeover.
    • Among the many factors which have driven him, one has been his wish to emulate his grandfather.
    • Arthur has often spoken of his pride at following in the footsteps of the great fighter, and now hopes to emulate his achievement in winning a world title.
    • Do you have any comment for the critics who claim you're just trying to emulate Jackson's startling success?
    • With them will be countless other skiers who want to emulate their feat.
    • They will do very well if they emulate the success of their legendary father.
    • His advice to those who would emulate his success is first to get education.
    • My ambition from the time I can remember was to emulate what he did.
    • If he can emulate this achievement, the fans will soon forget their qualms over his aggressive takeover.
    • For many players, his repertoire could serve as a model worth emulating.
  • 2

    • It's a poor man's way to emulate a mainframe running Linux instances.
    • The Spectrum ran from 1982-1992 but people are still programming games for it today and it's easily the most emulated computer on the net.
    • These simulators allow standard computers to emulate actual battlefield operating systems.
    • Well this is a free software download that emulates the arcade machines and then you can pick up the relevant software for just about any old arcade game.
    • They have developed software which emulates the obsolete BBC computer and videodisc player on which the original system ran.
    • Every service provided by the voice network can be emulated through software.
    • The digital broadcasts can contain data that more closely emulates a computer program.
    • So the new online courses take the best of what we know works in a classroom, and tries to emulate that or simulate that in the online environment.
    • If we had good models for neurons and a wiring diagram of a brain, we could emulate it as a straightforward network simulation.
    • The MHSS emulates tactical and sonar displays and provides a high fidelity simulation of the underwater acoustic environment and sonar image formation process.