Translation of enactment in Spanish:


ley, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈæk(t)mənt/ /ɪˈnaktm(ə)nt/ /ɛˈnaktm(ə)nt/

Definition of ley in Spanish


  • 1

    ley feminine
    • All enactments and rules of law relating to procedure in connection with indictable offences shall continue to have effect in relation to proceedings in the Crown Court.
    • Most of the law dealt with here is based on statutes or other public enactments.
    • That means that a resource consent is not an enactment or rule of law that would prohibit the exercise of a customary right.
    • The wording of the statutory duty, like much of the relevant enactments and regulations relating to complaints and discipline, is not exactly helpful.
    • In Britain, however, a large body of case law evolved from the enforcement of statutory enactments.
    • International law and human rights enactments set a threshold standard of respect towards the rights of individuals, minority groups, and nations.
    • The police authorities of New York appear now to be thoroughly in earnest in carrying out the municipal enactments forbidding expectoration in public places.
    • It is right, as he submitted, that such passages are not to be treated as if they were statutory enactments.
    • They cannot stand against a valid federal statutory enactment.
    • Perhaps the only formal whaling code authorized by legislative enactment was that of Holland.
    • California only conforms by statutory enactment, it does not conform automatically.
    • So in the United Kingdom that has been the position by reason of statutory enactment for some time.
    • Considering the constitutional validity of congressional enactments is a central function of the federal judiciary.
    • Can I start by going to the relevant previous enactment, your Honours.
    • When the defendant took her tenancy it was 1985 and the relevant enactment was the Rent Act 1977.
    • I have set out the relevant enactments above.
    • Now, your Honours, no doubt there would have to be some enactment by Parliament.
    • It has not been argued that there is any enactment which expressly limits or restricts the Crown Court's powers to make such an order.
  • 2

    (making a law)
    promulgación feminine
    • Working with government is essential to successful enactment of legislation.
    • I tentatively support legislative enactment of same-sex marriage - but only when the legislature is constitutionally authorized to do this.
    • In recent years there has been demand for enactment of legislation enabling the adoption of children.
    • Moreover, the actual disestablishment occurred before the enactment of the legislation.
    • Policy must be implemented by legislative enactment, rather than public education alone.
    • Your help was instrumental in the bill's successful enactment and I owe you a debt of gratitude.
    • Nor was there much support for the enactment of game laws from western settlers.
    • The enactment of these laws removed the possibility of education for youth within the state.
    • They can be made at any time from the enactment of the bill.
    • Cases decided before the enactment of this provision may be regarded as out of date.
    • The commission shall expire five years after the date of enactment of this act.
    • The former existed before the enactment of the 1998 Act and they continue to exist.
    • Is there any parliamentary materials relating to the enactment of section 76?
    • Their enactment was delayed by a presidential veto, which was overridden by the National Assembly.
    • The Annexe provides rules for the enactments of laws.
    • The enactment of this rule has had extraordinary outcomes.
    • The enactment of the new Regulation is believed to allow better protection and respect for patients' rights.
    • The enactment of these laws removed the possibility of education for youth within the state.
    • The enactment of the law brought immediate results.
    • The enactment of the law is going to greatly aggravate the already strained cross-strait relations and seriously escalate the danger of the outbreak of war.
    • Enactment of the bill will complete the delivery of those critical actions.