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revestir, v.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈkeɪs/ /ɛnˈkeɪs/

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verbo transitivo

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    wires encased in rubber cables revestidos / recubiertos de goma
    • It dove down and surrounded the dark energy encasing the young girl.
    • I closed my eyes, unable to move, unable to speak, the very heat and darkness surrounding and encasing me.
    • Isabella walked towards the elegant instrument and lifted the heavy wooden cover encasing the keys.
    • The inner integument initiates as a ring of cells around the circumference of the ovule primordium and exhibits symmetrical cylindrical growth until it surrounds and encases the nucellus.
    • In particular, the mineral completely encases each fibril, enclosing the fibrillar volume.
    • The small silver disc encasing a temperature gauge could be a lifesaver in the event of a fire.
    • Then the wax paper was wrapped around me, encasing me as I lay surrounded in warmth for 15 minutes - or was it a century?
    • Her main objection was our liberal use of garlic, that pungent bulb with its pretty, papery sheath, encasing ivory-coloured segments, shaped like half-moons.
    • The door shut soundlessly behind me, encasing us in darkness.
    • These layers surround the hard dark-brown shell, encasing the coconut seed.
    • I turned the key over in my hand and found the logo on the reverse side of the black plastic encasing the upper half.
    • The road sweeps past vast stands of banana trees, and every single tree is encased in blue plastic.
    • The tuna will be encased in a fibreglass cloth and covered with resin to create a mould.
    • I closed my eyes and gradually felt the hurt and disappointment ebbing away when I felt his arms enveloping me, encasing me in his warmth.
    • It engulfs its prey by encasing it in a suffocating plasma-like substance.
    • A filament is formed of a trichome that may be encased by a sheath.
    • X-ray tubes are encased in lead shields and fully protected and equipment is regularly calibrated.
    • Dry-clean and encase cashmere and fur in plastic bags for summer
    • The pods that encase the edible portion of the fruits are hard and turn from brown to pink as they start ripening.
    • The book was incased in hard leather which had been stained black with blood red inscriptions.