Translation of enchant in Spanish:


cautivar, v.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈtʃænt/ /ɛnˈtʃænt/ /ɪnˈtʃɑːnt/ /ɛnˈtʃɑːnt/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (delight, charm)
    her performance enchanted the audience el público quedó encantado con su actuación
    • How is it that a story deceives us with its deliberate motive of telling lies, yet entices us, enchants us with delight and relief?
    • From the moment I read that book I was enchanted with the heroism and gallantry and poetry of Collins's life.
    • David was enchanted with his beautiful young bride and she in turn appeared to be very happy with her new life in Britain.
    • I don't know much about her other than that she is a BBC radio personality and has a name that forever captivates and enchants me.
    • My goal is to create dazzling, juicy watercolors that enchant the viewer,’ she said.’
    • What is it about Faberge that still enchants us today?
    • The changing light patterns will enchant people of all ages,’ he adds.
    • It has the royal rose, the fascinating lily, the alluring ‘mogra’, and a host of other colourful flowers which enchant visitors.
    • Following the traditional fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty and with the musical score by Tchaikovsky, the performance is certain to enchant audiences of all ages.
    • Sargent captured her youthful spirit and the complicated charm that so enchanted Parisian society.
    • He enchanted the audience with his sonorous voice and his evocations of Milan.
    • Young international ballerinas in colorful leotards begin the evening with an excitement that enchanted the audience.
    • And Alex was equally enchanted by this woman at his side.
    • Completely enchanted, they watched the diver from the comfort of the viewing tunnel.
    • He loved dogs and was completely enchanted by Lacy's affable personality.
    • This is evidence that buyers are enchanted by connections with the famous, however tenuous.
    • Reia gazed out the window, her eyes enchanted by the world's serene beauty.
    • The dream of flight has enchanted humans since ancient times.
    • New acquaintances are genuinely enchanted by my son's name and that tickles me.
    • He is able to capture what's unusual and different and remains deeply enchanted by Asia.
  • 2

    (put under spell)
    • Isn't there a Druid spell that enchants a cloak to help protect you against heat?
    • I can only think they must have enchanted glasses in there, because no matter how much champagne I drank, my glass never seemed to go down.
    • It wasn't only beautiful, but scary, too, as the best enchanted worlds should be.
    • It must create a magnificent spell that could enchant the whole land.
    • This suit is enchanted so it changes with you and it never rips apart.
    • The lightning bolt found its mark, but was defeated by one of the many enchanted items she wore.
    • It was the first and only enchanted weapon that this world would ever know.
    • It was magically enchanted, so the vender said, and would protect me as needed.
    • It peeked beyond the brushes of the thorns that surrounded the dark enchanted lands of Ardor.
    • The lights in the room danced as if some mystical creature had enchanted them.
    • He enjoyed wandering that enchanted planet, taking in the magic.
    • It seemed to shimmer, as if it were enchanted; but it didn't shimmer with light, it shimmered with darkness.
    • The bag was enchanted, and could hold up to ninety pounds of stuff and still only weigh three.
    • The inside of the cottage was much larger than the outside and she new at once that it was enchanted.
    • I try and rip the ever-tightening and heating collar from my neck, but it is enchanted and won't come off.
    • Wizardry was the art of manipulating objects, doing things such as creating fires and enchanting items.
    • With his newly enchanted sword, the imps didn't stand a chance.
    • Kim also enchanted his swords, giving them a keener edge and a hint of water to them.
    • Each sword is enchanted in various ways, and each has unique powers, although none overpowered the others.
    • Dragotin's flute had a power to enchant listeners.