Translation of enchantment in Spanish:


encanto, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈtʃæntmənt/ /ɛnˈtʃæntmənt/ /ɪnˈtʃɑːntm(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    encanto masculine
    hechizo masculine literary
    • A woman's search for love is the search for herself, for her own enchantment.
    • In terms of dramatic influence the score balances subtle enchantment with brash, tribal expressions exceptionally well.
    • Australia has lived through a period of enchantment, nothing less.
    • Despite their enchantment with the Greek Island, the couple have no wish to leave their home.
    • This imaginative play is utter enchantment in the best of Russian theatrical evocative tradition.
    • November and December hold the enchantment of the holidays.
    • Suddenly you realize that the enchantment of this place has left you.
    • If you have lost enchantment, you are liable to divisiveness, intolerance, and aggression.
    • Thanks for the endless hours of enchantment!
    • I've been at Oxford for several days now, and my enchantment with this place grows by the minute.
    • He saw it as combining usefulness with enchantment.
    • The enchantment with Asian art and architecture spread across Europe and across the Atlantic to the United States.
    • It is the perfect destination, which provides enchantment, tranquility and adventure.
    • In the email he professes his support for the program, his enchantment with the lockbox and various other points.
    • Richard adds to the enchantment of these tales with the rhythms of his mountain dulcimer and conga drum.
    • In our enchantment we are too often neglectful of that which made purchasing and consumption possible, namely, credit.
    • Amanda was telling Jenna about the enchantment she had experienced when she was there.
    • Her exile from words may have led to her enchantment with literature, diction and cadence.
    • His objective was never simply to impress an audience, but to disclose whatever he discerned in music that was capable of enchantment.
    • Our public life is becoming more oligarchic in fact, despite its democratic form, losing its old enchantments.
  • 2

    embeleso masculine
  • 3

    encantamiento masculine
    hechizo masculine
    • The key to unlocking the film's enchantment is to uncover the unforced romance.
    • Two venal siblings wrestle with a force of enchantment far more powerful than anything they have ever imagined.
    • The strength of enchantment cast over life by dream is mirrored in Franco's filmmaking technique.
    • In fact, my computer is almost slower without my working enchantments on it.
    • This is part of the ritual enchantment offered by the art of cinema.
    • With the boats gone, the outside world vanished, and the enchantment was complete.
    • When I first got here I was under a double spell of enchantment.
    • His followers comply and are so entertained until the enchantment is broken.
    • It quickly becomes apparent that the monster is the son of the local lord of the manor, placed under enchantment by his stepmother.
    • Carrasco tells him that they have discovered that Dulcinea is free from the enchantment.
    • Even the seedpods, which are so often used in dried flower arrangements, suggest an otherworldly sense of exotic enchantment.
    • The interconnecting of memory, dream and landscape captured a realm of enchantment echoing the cinema of Tarkovsky and Cocteau.
    • "[Tolkien] is proof that faith and enchantment can go hand in hand, that our imaginations don't have to starve."
    • Odette relates to him the tale of her enchantment, and then the dancing begins.
    • The fire crackles, sweet wood smoke scents the air, a soft breeze kisses my cheek and the storyteller weaves a spell of enchantment.
    • "Eat this sprig of the moly plant," the boy said, "and be protected from enchantment."
    • Montesino also tells him that he will be informed how to break all these enchantments at another time.
    • Enchantment is at the very heart of Elfin magic.
    • As ever her dancing was a sheer pleasure to watch, as she span around him weaving her enchantment and capturing his heart.
    • The painting showed itself to me in all its fantasy and all its enchantment.