Translation of enclose in Spanish:


encerrar, v.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈkloʊz/ /ɛnˈkloʊz/ /ɪnˈkləʊz/ /ɛnˈkləʊz/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (surround) encerrar
      (fence in) cercar
      a valley enclosed by high mountains un valle circundado / rodeado de altas montañas
      • Landowners in Winterbourne Monkton had an Act of Parliament passed in 1813 to enable them to enclose common land in the parish.
      • Soon after growth accelerated when the common was enclosed and plots of land were sold off.
      • Most of the land was enclosed for agriculture use.
      • It also enjoyed legal protection through the courts, and probably well over 20 per cent of the land area was enclosed by private means prior to 1750.
      • As England's open grasslands began to be cultivated and enclosed by farmers, even birds which escaped the hunters gradually died away.
      • The ongoing liberalisation of global trade and investment is enabling international investors and transnational corporations to enclose the last of the commons.
      • The burgesses, however, refused to enclose the surrounding open fields, and overcrowding became desperate.
      • Throughout the rangelands agriculture is expanding, while former communal grazing areas are being enclosed.
      • By the time the fields were enclosed in 1845, the damage was done, and not until the 20th cent. did slum clearance remove Nottingham's notorious courts and alleys.
      • The spaces in between are enclosed with glass, making two internal courtyards.
      • The back of the truck was open, but the sides were enclosed with splintery, yellow wood.
      • The open space around the blocks of flats was divided into semi-private areas that were enclosed with railings and gates.
      • A stockproof property fence will be placed around the perimeter of the terminal land-holding and the terminal itself will be enclosed with a security fence.
      • More to the point, he thinks Pippin just really doesn't like his cage anymore, and doesn't like to be enclosed in small spaces.
      • The area under appeal is a 90-acre section, enclosed by walls and fencing, to the east side of the Helm summit.
      • Dark enclosed me and I looked up into the sky above me.
      • They are generally surrounded by courtyards enclosed by walls or fences for privacy.
      • The garden, reflecting the Elizabethan fashion, has four courtyards enclosed by high sandstone walls.
      • But we were well protected as the circus ring was fully enclosed by a high chain link fence.
      • The courtyard is completely enclosed, as is the private world of the immediate family.
      • She said: " A lot of this land is enclosed by fences.
      • The rear garden is fully enclosed and has a purpose built kennel.
      • The cells in the liver are also enclosed by membranes composed of similar substances.
      • French doors lead to a partially enclosed courtyard area.
      • The garden, designed by the Irish Garden Plant Society, is enclosed by a beech hedge.
      • To the front there is a good-sized garden enclosed by iron railings and a side entrance to the rear garden.
      • A cell is enclosed by the plasma membrane (cell envelope).
      • An estuary is a partially enclosed body of water where freshwater and saltwater mix.
      • A novel environment was created by partially enclosing a portion of a second floor balcony.
      • The tomb precinct is enclosed on four sides by a wall constructed of stone.
      • All moving parts are totally enclosed, shin and foot guards are fitted as standard.

    • 1.2enclosed past participle

      (area/space) cerrado
      an enclosed order una orden de clausura

  • 2

    (in letter)
    please find enclosed a copy of the original order se adjunta / se acompaña copia del pedido original
    • I enclose a check for $500 adjunto / acompaño un cheque por $500
    • some samples were enclosed with the letter junto con la carta iban/venían unas muestras
    • I wrote her a letter, enclosing a self-addressed envelope for her convenience.
    • It is enclosed in a sealed envelope along with this letter.
    • Meanwhile I enclose copies of two letters from the estate agent both dated 14 January 2000 for your information.
    • They should contact their train operator using a compensation form or by letter, enclosing proof of travel and details of the journey and delay experienced, as required.
    • He has called on any European nobility to contact him by letter enclosing a photograph.
    • With his letter, Father Larry enclosed a glorious picture of a mass of white blooms with lush green leaves.
    • And my grandmother wrote me letters in which she enclosed poems.
    • These letters often enclosed documents relating to the matters under discussion such as accounts, or petitions from subjects.
    • The day Paul saw that picture and poem in a Boston magazine, he wrote Alice a letter and enclosed a love poem.
    • "Please find enclosed herewith a copy of the expert report.
    • A copy of the letter sent by facsimile transmission is enclosed herewith for your information.
    • I also enclose a copy of the Land Registry entries for your own records.
    • The letter enclosing the cheque from the foundation stated that its selection committee considered more than one hundred applications.
    • The bright blue leaflet has been enclosed with customers' annual bills.
    • But there was enclosed with it a further copy of the draft of the proposed order that it sought from him.
    • Only one of the 2 items ordered is enclosed and it is badly damaged (although this is not visible until I open the parcel).
    • These do not appear to be shown in the budget figures given in the pamphlet enclosed with the Community Charge bill dropped through the door this week.
    • We enclose a draft Consent Order, which is based on a lump sum payment of damages.
    • She apologised, and enclosed £10 ‘to purchase and enjoy further supplies of our confectionery’.
    • She enclosed £40 and asked him Purdie to pass it on to the two Celtic supporters.
    • The photograph enclosed was a holiday snap of a pretty blonde woman looking back over her shoulder on a river bank and laughing at the photographer.