Translation of encomium in Spanish:


encomio, n.

Pronunciation /ɛnˈkoʊmiəm/ /ɪnˈkoʊmiəm/ /ɛnˈkəʊmɪəm/

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nounplural encomiums, plural encomia

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    encomio masculine formal
    elogio masculine
    • This encomium of praise for the liberating Romans was soon replaced by a rather different view in mainstream Judean opinion.
    • Among the new poems in his new book is one so good that the publisher has put it on the back of the hardcover edition, instead of blurbs and encomia.
    • Among the various guidelines for the speakers, one rule advises students to avoid encomiums at the beginning of the speech.
    • Lyric poetry This included dithyrambs, encomia, paeans, and hymns.
    • Her poetry is replete with such images, as time and again she writes encomia or praise-poems to particular mothers as well as the state of motherhood as an abstract ideal.
    • I haven't read too many of these phony encomiums, but a typical theme seems to be that, love him or hate him, he was a ‘great’ man.
    • ‘I also feel happy to know that it is receiving encomiums from various quarters,’ he added.
    • When Princess Diana and Mother Theresa died within a month of each other in late 1997, the encomiums for both occasionally became intertwined.
    • Yet amid all the encomiums the coming days will bring, it's worth remembering that he was for many years at odds with the critical establishment, and occasionally with audiences too.
    • It was a pity that people were keen on showering encomiums on politicians and heads of religions and communities, whatever the frailties of these individuals.
    • This won him encomiums, inside and outside the House.
    • After such encomiums there is only one thing left to say and it is this - if you are going to read just one American novel this year, let this be the one.
    • Her original choreographies based on Indian mythology and contemporary issues earned her encomiums from around the world.
    • The study opens with the encomiums of his funeral in 1965.
    • But the most frequently recorded encomiums come from men and women in his own constituency.
    • He appeared more than happy to be the coach of the Hong Kong cricket team and showered encomiums on Hong Kong cricket.
    • The functions were not rituals to merely shower encomiums on the birthday boy.